Fashion Design & Communication Department went Industrial Visit to Tiruppur

Department: Fashion Design & Communication – L5

Place of Industrial Visit: Tiruppur (MCC EXPORTS, VIGNESHWAR TEX, LUCAS PRINTS)

Date: 29 April, 2014 & 30 April, 2014

Attended by: Bangalore: 3 Students (L5) + 1 faculty, Chennai: 3 Students (L5) + 1 faculty

An industrial visit focusing Knitwear product development was organized for L5 students of Bangalore and Chennai at various Export houses in Tiruppur.

The aim of this visit was to develop a practical understanding of all core elements & processes involved in knitwear apparel development.

This two-days industrial visit helped the students practically understand the Knitting process of various structures in circular knitting and flat knitting, embroidery, printing, knitwear apparel product manufacturing process and various other applications with specification to knits.

Each student got a chance to have hands-on experience of knitting process, specifically various types in circular knitting. They were able to analyze the mechanism of the basic knitting machine and types of knitting machines with a live and practical approach. Every student did get a chance to interact with knitted fabric manufacturing personnel and coordinators during the course of understanding the machinery and quality parameters of knitted fabrics. They did understand the design feasibility and the limitation in knitwear apparel with keen observation of various sub units / departments like Compacting, CAD/Pattern making, Marker Planning, Cutting, Construction, Finishing, Packing, Printing(various techniques like Screen, CMYK, Transfer prints, Roller/Rotary, etc.), Embroidery and other Embellishments on Knits, labeling and other trims.

Overall, each student gained a good practical exposure on the Knitwear Apparel product Development process with all the implications and opportunities.

Student's Feedback:

"This trip enabled me to gain technical knowledge about Knitting. The mechanism of how the machine is being put into use, its work, maintenance, tools or equipments, such as needles used, singers etc., were taught. Much about the knits, their structure, the way it’s being knitted, the texture of every knit variety and its output were quite interesting to learn. Finally, the difference in outcome was felt in hand. Time spent throughout was efficient and thankful." Kamila Parveen

"This trip helped me to understand the manufacturing process of knitwear. I learnt different techniques in knitting and the print designs to be used. Various knitted garments like T-Shirts, bottoms, tops, etc., with varied printing and construction brought me diverse thoughts. Proper industrial process of garment construction cleared up my doubts, thus leaving behind the exact professional work that is held." Nassuh Abdu Nassir

"The trip to Tirupur was quite useful as the process of knitting was explained practically, right from manufacturing to the final packaged product. We were able to see the different types of machineries used to manufacture the knitted fabric and also the process involved to design the fabric itself. We collected samples of different types of knitted fabric. We also visited the printing and embroidery units. Though we had prior visits to these units, this trip was very useful as we were able to see the types and methods followed to print in a knitted fabric. Carollyn Monisha

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