Interactive Seminar on UNITY

ICAT Design and Media, Bangalore Organized a Seminar on UNITY and its features for Game Design Students. The Unity team talked about different methods of using their software apart from building games.

They showed how the students can use unity to have a better workflow in designing environments while making architectural work. This not only helps to make a model environment to get a feel of it but also to fix errors beforehand with structural design. They showed the students how Unity works well with VR and AR toolkits for education and examples of effectively educating students all over the world.

Their VR simulation treatments that they have been using to cure patients with Parkinson’s and much more.

The Brackeys team talked about how students can start their own YouTube career and tips on how to effectively maintain a YouTube channel. Things they should do and should not. When it is okay for them to ask someone for help, outside views on how their channel is progressing and how they can get more out of it.

They also shared inputs on how much revenue YouTube can make and how students do not have to be a master at something to start making videos about it. They had several examples to share about different You Tubers and motivational tips on how students can start with their own YouTube career right away.