International Animation Day celebration @ All ICAT Campus

“Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can't create it if you don't have one.” - Brad Bird

Animation movies, with their successful presence over 7 decades, have blurred the barriers between imagination and the reality of storytelling. We all, as part of our lifetime, grow and live along with our favourite animated characters and in their incredible world settings.

Being a pioneer of quality Media education provider, ICAT has produced extraordinary workforce for Animation industry with its unique and practical teaching methodologies. With respect to the glory of the ever-growing Animation industry and following the footsteps of ASIFA India, ICAT celebrated International Animation Day across all campuses on 28 October, 2015. The day was filled with a series of creative competitions, including Acting for Animation, Sculpting, Sketching, Painting, Tattoo Making, Quiz and Cultural Competitions.

The decorations of the campuses reflected the majesty of all famous animation movies and jubilation of the young talents. Students from various disciplines participated in all the competitions with a tremendous energy level. According to the Judges, all works were astonishing and selecting the winner was a Herculean task for them. Winners and Runners of each competition proudly received the prizes with the cheers of their peers.

Besides the academics, ICAT has always catered the culture that promotes creative practice and art appreciation among students through events like this. And we have done it again!!!

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