Kirigami Workshop at ICAT

A workshop on “Kirigami” was conducted by “Kagitha sirpi”, Mr.J Ramesh at the ICAT Chennai campus on 03rd of December, 2014. The workshop was attended by around 45 first and second year UG students of 3D, VFX, Media Technology, Fashion, and Interior Design departments and M.Sc. Multimedia students. The core aim of the workshop was to make the students understand the art of Kirigami, which is a paper art of creating different designs by cutting multi-folded papers.

In the workshop, the different forms of Kirigami was demonstrated by creating paper art designs like a star, flower, snowflake, hanging decorative items, hanging decorative items with characters like birds, people and even Japanese home decorative items. Finally, an activity was given to the students to create their own design by using the Kirigami art. The students were very enthusiastic about the same and came up with exotic designs that impressed Mr.Ramesh.

The workshop enabled students to learn different ways of folding and cutting to create beautiful designs, which can be used later for any kind of festival or celebrations and even in printing patterns in clothes.

Overall, the students enjoyed the whole learning experience at this workshop and were overwhelmed about the exposure to a new form of designing.

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