Display of Life-Size Games in Defense Laboratories School, Hyderabad

Four students (Sayat Samantsinghar, Vadlamani Venkat Siva Subramanyam, Thakur Virendrasingh Maheshsingh and Bharat Kumar ) of L4 UG Interactive Media of ICAT, Hyderabad displayed their 4 life-size Board Games in the Defense Laboratories school ground, Hyderabad, as part of their “Professional Context Technology & Communication Methods” module. The event was conducted on 9 December, 2014, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Our students made the school students participate in the games very interactively. The school students played all the games repeatedly and enjoyed the fun of life-size games. Our students got feedback from the school students, which would help them enhance their games. The school management was impressed with our students’ work and showed their interest to display the games again in their school premises. Our students got the experience of meeting the target audience and directly evaluating their games, and understood how to attract their target audience. Our students were very happy that ICAT College provided them a platform to display their games in the first year itself..

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