Linoleum Printmaking Workshop @ ICAT, Bangalore

On 5th Oct Friday , Students were asked to get their designs ready in their A 4 sketchbooks within the size of 4”x5”. Keeping the positive and negative spaces in mind students brought nice and creative designs the next day, they were very curious about this workshop as they had never heard about printmaking from linoleum sheets before.

The workshop started off in the college auditorium with a presentation to explain first about the history of printmaking and its evolution to its use in the modern design industry and then about tools, ink and the process. Though this was made more clear to the students during the demo class which was held in the classroom. First demo was given starting from carving of linoleum sheet till the final print in-between they were also explained about the linoleum sheets, use and mixing of linseed oil and turpentine oil, how to use mixing knife, rollers and spoon, along with other precautions to be taken while taking the print. Best of all the required material was sourced and provided by the college.

After the demo students were excited with adrenaline rush to see their designs printed too .One by one the wall width size display board was filled with interesting prints on colourful papers, students looked satisfied with their efforts and took a breath of accomplishment looking at their works displayed. They obviously enjoyed and at the same time learnt something new too. Students asked for similar workshops to be conducted more often.