Live Sketching at Cubbon Park

Today, 22 March, 2018, was little different than other days at college. Yes, there were classes; but today the classroom lost its walls, lost all the boundaries in fact. The students of the Fashion Department were taken out for live sketching, as part of the Fashion Illustration 2 module. The classroom for today was ‘Cubbon Park’. It is a park at Bangalore, with complete greenery and a peaceful environment.

‘Enthusiasm’! Yes, that’s what was bubbling in the students, along with a bunch of so many ideas to put down the best at the park on a piece of paper. As the students neared the park, they were curious with boundless imaginations of sketches.

On reaching the park, the students were assigned their works by the faculty. With the pencils sharpened, the students observed their natural model and tried to put every single detail they could bring in art. While some of them struggled a bit to bring the shapes and proportion right; the rest got their right way out. As the time passed by, scribbled lines started turning into shapes.

Finally, the artworks were ready with lot of conception put on paper and some areas of betterment as well. The students were satisfied with the session as ‘one of the best classes they ever had’. All with tired feet and stained hands, along with the loads of sketchbooks and colours, left for home.

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