London Olympics Photo exhibition

Mr. S. Sukumar a Chennai based photographer conducted his photo exhibition on the London Olympic events which was well received by print and TV media. Students of ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai were invited to visit his exhibition on 18th January 2013 and also got an opportunity to interact with him. It was first in the series, visiting a sports photo exhibition.

As a professional photographer, he has covered numerous international events like the FIFA World Cup, the ICC Cricket World Cup, all 4 editions of the T20 World Cup and the Indian Premier League. He has also covered the Asian Games in Qatar and Guangzhou, the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games as well as the South Asian Games in Sri Lanka. His greatest pride is in covering the Olympic Games, both at Beijing in 2008 and recently in London in 2012.

Mr. Sukumar continues to support our students in every aspect of photography and visual communication style. He also guided our students to lead in almost every field of photography where creativity, art, design and quality were concerned.