Making of MATTRAN

"Epitome of Indian Visual effects industry", Mr. V Srinivas Murali Mohan the great vfx supervisor of Indian cinema who made us "woow" with the stunning visual effects technologies, was here at ICAT design & Media College, Bangalore. He came to the industry before 16 years with an immense passion in computer graphics. He is the founder and CEO of "Indian Artists" vfx studio which delivering high end vfx for Indian movies. Mr. Srinivas Mohan has bagged 3 national awards for creating the best vfx for feature films "Magic Magic 3D"(2003, Malayalam), "SIVAJI - THE BOSS"(2007, Tamil) and "Endhiran The Robot"(2010, Tamil).

We got him in our Bangalore campus on 13th December of 2012 for presenting about his latest venture in vfx. "Maattrraan", the Tamil feature told the story of a conjoined twins. Mr. Srinivas Mohan has crossed all the stages of creating double action movies. In other words , he took the mastery in creating double action sequences. We can experience it from the films "Ravanaprabhu" to "Maattraan".

He took us to the heights of creating stunning effects by limited resources and budget. More than explaining himself what he has done, he interacted with the students and made them also to ask and tell their queries and findings to an ever growing crowd in the ICAT auditorium. Students honored him with huge round of apllause for each of the topics he handled. He recommende the students to do the stuff what they love the most. He also mentioned that being specialised in a tool wont take to any of the heights, more than specialists, generalists can shine more and they will reach to the peaks very fast.

After the session also students were grouping around him and following him by asking frequent queries. He was very happy to answer to each and every doubts the students had. Really we were honored to get such a personality in our campus.

Written by, Balendu R Kurup, VFX Faculty, ICAT Bangalore

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