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Course Overview

The M.Sc. Multimedia course at ICAT is a 2 years, full-time program that can help you find leading careers in major media industries like, Design studios, Web Development firms, Gaming studios, Animation / Vfx studios, Ad agencies, UX Design related companies and so on.

Basically I’m a student from the science background and I came to know this field through internet and Newspaper. I came to know that ICAT is the best platform in VFX field. After joining ICAT I learnt so many skills and techniques in VFX.The guest lectures which ICAT provides are wonderful, they are the best in the industry. I I have always dreamed about a job in an MNC company and that dream came true when I got placed as a Roto artist in Sony Image Works, Chennai.

The course provides you all the knowledge on different media technologies, like visual presentation, digital photography, 2D graphics, 2D / 3D animation, advanced art, compositing, modelling, texturing, rigging, developing TV commercials / print ads, game designing, cinematography and so on.

Need to Study Multimedia Technologies

In the rapidly growing Digital Media Industry, the need for creative professionals has grown many folds. This is evident from a report that says 30 lakh creative professionals will be required by 2022. This urges young aspirants to build their technological and creative skills, which can happen through a regular mode of study from a reputed college.

The M.Sc. in Multimedia at ICAT is a one such program that enables you to gain expertise knowledge on various faces of the Multimedia industry.

What will You Learn?

The course will help you to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of multimedia, communication theories, visual communication and information architecture.
  • Experiment designs with different colours, types, graphics and images.
  • Acquire a strong sense of media and media-oriented studies.
  • Practice digital photography and techniques of 2D graphics, animation and programming fundamentals.
  • Understand the laws and ethics related to Media.
  • Practice storyboarding, cinematography, video and audio editing, and 3D design techniques.
  • Understand the latest trends in multimedia technologies.
  • Implement the concepts learnt so far in a professional environment.


The course includes 17 modules spread across 2 years. The modules are coined as per the latest industry demands.

I joined 3D Animation at ICAT, Bangalore during 2008-2009. Basically I am from Art background. So, I wanted to enter the digital media industry. It is an honour to say that the teaching was too good. I learnt lot of things from my faculties as they were very supportive. I must say that ICAT is the best stepping stone to the Digital Media industry. The college placed me in one of the best companies in the country – Sony Image works, Chennai.
Suprith kumar.R

Course Structure

Course Code Course Name Exam Duration Exam Marks
MM11 Multimedia Fundamentals 3 Hours 100
MM12 Communication Theories 3 Hours 100
MM13 Visual Presentation 3 Hours 100
MM14 Image Editing Techniques 3 Hours 100
MM15 Graphic Designing 3 Hours 100
MM16 Elective I 3 Hours 100
MM17 Elective II 3 Hours 100
MM18 Lab –I : Elective I 3 Hours 100
MM19 Lab –II : Elective II 3 Hours 100
Course Code Course Name Exam Duration Exam Marks
MM21 Media Studies 3 Hours 100
MM22 Storyboarding & Cinematography 3 Hours 100
MM23 Video Audio Editing 3 Hours 100
MM24 Trends in Multimedia Technology 3 Hours 100
MM25 Elective III 3 Hours 100
MM26 Elective IV 3 Hours 100
MM27 Lab-III 3 Hours 100
MM28 Project and Viva-voce 100

Assessment Technique

The learning outcome of each module is assessed through internal and external examinations at the end of each semester. The students will also be evaluated based on the originality, innovation, and product of the final project. Also, continuous monitoring of each student is done throughout the year.

Industry Collaboration

During the course, you will be exposed to latest industry trends through Workshops, Seminars, and Guest Lectures from professionals in the field; Industrial Visits to media related industries; and live streaming of global Seminars.


ICAT offers its students with fully-equipped labs, gaming lounge, gaming consoles, Art and Design studios, highly-equipped Photography studios, Art labs, Videography and Editing suites, Chroma Key studio and much more.

Preparation for Employment

The course prepares you for a perfect employment through real-time, industry-standard project works and through the motivation to work with external clients. Above all, your portfolio will be sent to production houses for review and for enhancing the chances of winning a job.

Career Opportunities

The M.Sc. Multimedia course at ICAT prepares you for exciting careers in media industry that any creative mind would look out for. Along with quality training, best-in-class placement through ICAT’s long-term relationships with top companies in field will help you start your passionate career. Our placement services will help you grow in your career, even after you become our alumni.

M.Sc. Multimedia Course
I am from Kerala. I graduated from Kerala University in B.Sc. Computer Science. After that, I decided to specialize in Animation from a best college; so I chose ICAT. My experience as a student in ICAT was above my expectations.

What can You be?

On completing this course, you can be:

  • Character Designer
  • Layout and Background Artist
  • Animator
  • Instructor
  • Digital Artists
  • Compositor
  • Digital Effects Animator
  • Modeler
  • Pre-Visualization Artist
  • Restoration & Retouching Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Digital Illustrator
  • Flash Animator
  • Visualizer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Rotoscopy Artist
  • Wire / Rig Removal Artist
  • Video Editor
  • Game Designer

Where can You be?

On completing this course, you can work for:

  • Design Studios
  • Web Development Firms
  • Game Development Studios
  • Simulation Industries
  • User Experience designers
  • Web development houses
  • Visual effects agencies
  • Ad Agencies
  • Animation studios
  • Digital publishing houses
  • Research Data Visualisation Industries
  • IT Corporate for Creative Process and Functions
  • Virtual reality/ Augmented Reality Industries

Alumni Success

Through 100% placement, we introduce all our students to the industry of their passion. With the knowledge they have gained at ICAT, the students reach more heights in their field of work. Just to mention, many of our students are now a part of Hollywood, Bollywood and Kollywood movies, and have worked in many famous android and other OS games.

Why Choose ICAT to Study the M.Sc. Multimedia Course?

The most highlighting aspect at ICAT is the constructive teaching methodology followed, which motivates each student to dwell through each concept learnt through continuous research work.

The students are given an opportunity to explore their learning practically through the design works they are required to create for each module. This make ICATians stand apart from the rest.

M.Sc. Multimedia Course

Pursue at ICAT

Here are few highlighting points that insist why you should pursue the course at ICAT.

  • Provides a curriculum framed as per the industry requirements
  • Degree offered in collaboration with Bharathiar University
  • Includes fully-equipped labs with advanced equipments and software
  • Incorporates constructive teaching methodologies
  • Includes passionate faculties
  • Includes industry professionals as Guest lecturers to acquaint students with industry requirements
  • Design portfolios highlighting individual strength of each student is sent to production houses for review

Students Service

  • Students of a batch are allocated a Personal Mentor, who will guide a student through the Personal Development Planning process.
  • Each student will be allocated a supervisor for their studies to provide support for their project and dissertation.
  • A separate Students Service Desk is managed at each location with a Student Advisor as part of the desk. The Student Advisor provides guidance and advice about finance, study skills, personal problems and many other matters.
  • The Student Service Desk organizes club activities and other get together.
  • The Student Service Desk acts as a contact point for parents/Guardians and also they organize for liaison meeting between staff and students.

College Infrastructure

M.Sc. Multimedia Course
  • Dedicated, Spacious classrooms for each department
  • Membership with British Council Library, American Library
  • Library with essential readings, reference books, latest journals and magazines
  • Air-conditioned hall for seminars and workshops
  • Locker facilities for students to store their study material safe
  • Personal tutoring space, where students can interact with the dedicated personal tutor to discuss their projects and ideas
  • Exclusively designed space for students to work in groups and also as individuals, based on project types
  • Common working zone, where students can work along with other department students
  • Students lounge, for students to relax and recreate
  • Air conditioned seminar hall for guest lectures and workshops

Placement Facilities

With its long, successful presence in the Digital Media education industry, ICAT has gained valuable contacts of leading companies in the industry. These contacts are well utilized by the Placement Cell at ICAT, which strives to place all the students in the field of their passion.

So far, the Placement Cell is proud to maintain a record of 100% placement and in Top Companies in India.

Student Awards

During the tenure at the college, each student is motivated to participate in National Level and International competitions, where they can showcase their talents and personally understand where they stand among the students of rest of the world. In this regard, our students have so far won numerous awards in both National and International Competitions.

Campus Location

With ICAT, you have the opportunity to study at any of our 3 state-of-the-art campuses located at the Shores of Bay of Bengal (Chennai), Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore), and the City of Pearls (Hyderabad).

The ICAT campuses are located at the heart of the Capital cities of three important states in South India. The strategically located campuses expose the students to eminent landmarks/events of the metropolitan cities, which is very important for the Creators of Tomorrow to understand the trending world.

The campuses of ICAT College are loaded with spacious classrooms, library with essential readings, locker facilities for students, air-conditioned halls, personal tutoring space, common working zone, students’ lounge and so on.


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