NASSCOM Game Developer Conference - 2014

The NASSCOM Game Developer Conference, 2014, was held from 13 to 15 November, 2014. The three-day conference was held in Pune. Students and faculties from the game departments of ICAT attended the conference along with various professionals and students from different parts of India.

During the conference, the following topics/concepts were handled

  • The challenges faced in starting a game and about various elements that have to be decided before starting development.
  • Wiki and Wiki-like platforms, such as ENnine winner Obsidian Portal website; and about social story builders, such as StoryNexus or the Inkle engine.
  • The fundamentals of the Unity Game Engine.
  • Cloud and its feature like Elastic cloud Scalability, Data Synchronicity and Geo Mobility.
  • The game physics concepts, such as Custom physics, avoiding jitter and energy loss, and discrete Simulation vs Continuous Simulation.
  • The top six things that one would learn while creating and running live free-to-play games in India.
  • The challenges of taking games to multiple platforms.
  • The process of creating music that goes into our games. It aimed at independent studios with the objective of identifying important parameters while creating the brief/sound design for their games.
  • The revenue generated from ad networks.
  • How choosing art styles, colors, sounds, fonts and even the minute bit of sizes of UI is important.

Apart from the topics covered, there were various activities conducted to engage the students like an activity to come up with metrics to catch a given issue of a fictitious game.

Finally, the students were announced the dates of the UNESCO MGEIP Gaming Challenge and the topics for the competition.

Overall, the conference was very much effective and enthusiastic for all the developers. They got to know the tactics of completing a full-fledged game with all the gaming nuances.

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