Placement Orientation by Mr Rajan, Head HR, Image Infotainment Ltd

Mr Rajan, Head HR of Image Infotainment Ltd, presided over a Placement Orientation session to all the final years. He discussed with the students on the importance of the placement process, pre-placement sessions, how the placement team is working along with the academic team, how the placement team works on arranging campus drives, On-campus & Off-campus placements. He made students talk about various types of industry and explained to them what is their industry and where they stand right now.

He also informed the students how a Top MNC company team was impressed by our project development process, research methods, Project Journals. He further educated the students on SWOT analysis. There was a discussion on the portfolio, how to develop effectively to satisfy the industry requirements, how it is important to get feedback from peers and critiques to understand their area of improvement in their skills as well as the showreel.

The session really motivated our students to prepare themselves for the placements and their careers by developing their ability and skills, technically and non-technically.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.