Guest Lecture on Portfolio Building

Every day, we incline ourselves to comprehend ‘What Next’, be it in our daily routine or career. On 10 April, 2018, the guest lecture on ‘Portfolio Building’ by Divya Ramanujan, a design graduate from NID gaining experience from the AJIO exports and online, interpreted the relevance and understanding on how to find ‘What Next’ in Fashion career.

It’s very important for our young design students to prepare a portfolio of their best works done during college. The portfolio helps them to find jobs and showcase their skills, and serves as a building block of confidence. The guest lecture on ‘Portfolio Building’ aimed at bringing an individual from the industry and sharing experience on how one can make their portfolio better than anyone else, how to showcase individuality and get more opportunities.

The lecture elaborated on the types of fashion industry, difference between designer and industry, industry methods of designing, difference between design process in colleges and industry, role of client, significance of hierarchy in industry and its relation to designing garments, role of trends, and attributes of fashion portfolio.

Some of the key suggestions from Ms. Divya were use of white background, use of less number of pages, making the layout in Indesign software, to grasp viewers’ attention with less material, and writing appropriate information with lots of pictures.

The lecturer showed the trend forecast boards from WGSN and current trend boards from Ajio to establish an understanding for the students. The boards not only showed the research results but also incorporated the meaning of ‘What Next’. The lecturer insisted on the importance of a designer to coin new ideas and work fast in short time.

Finally, there was a Q&A session, in which the students clarified their doubts on how to improve their portfolio, design projects and layouts.

Student's Feedback:

"Ms. Divya was cute and explained diligently. Her approach towards design and apparels were motivating. She made me realize how to do good quality work as well as enjoy the work." Deepshikha Garg

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