The presentation was done by the representative from ECUBE . Today’s presentation was more of a pre- placement talk , the main purpose of the presentation was to create awareness about the company among the students , as they are coming up with internship programs and job offers . The spokesperson gave an introduction about the company and the various verticals that the company has . The company has 4 verticals , which are Exhibitions, Events and Activations , Interior Designing and Extra Edge.

Under the exhibition vertical they help various companies to participate in exhibitions and showcase their products and services by doing branding for the respective company in that place so that their exhibition cubicle can stand out.

Under the events and activations vertical , they are involved in organizing various corporate and social event management, they take care of everything starting from the decorations to operations management for that particular event.

Under the interior designing vertical, they manage designing a particular place along with the elevation , they basically focus of turnkey projects , where they deliver ready to move in residences as well as commercial spaces.

Extra edge is a program where they use their own software called Edge to provide take home gifts for people , where the gifts can also be customized.

They also presented about their demands , that they are looking for interns and candidates for their job offers in various field like interior design, event management and sales. They asked the students to submit their portfolios to our respective coordinators , who then will forward it to the HR . and then it will be forwarded to the respective architects in their company , and the selected candidates will be called for a personal meeting and interview to their office .

The presentation was informative and also opportunistic , which could have been better if the content was more about our respective fields , the details on interior design lacked a little clarity , but over all this could a good opportunity for the students.