Pre-Placement Talk by Netrocon Digital Services @ ICAT, Campus

Netrocon Digital Services - conducted a pre-placement talk in ICAT Design and Media College, Campus on 8th November 2019. The Final year UG, PG and Msc students from Multimedia, Graphic Design & UI Design and Development departments participated in this meet.

The session was presided by Mr. Shane Clinton, Head of Digital Services. Followed by Mr. Paul, Head of Operations and Mr. Vishal, Head of Strategy. Starting with introduction & portfolio of the company, the topics ran through the future of digital marketing. The day’s highlight was about the role of Concept writers and Designers.

Apart from presentation, the session was interactive and made challenging too. Our students were given challenging tasks to be completed within the day and best works were appreciated with internship offerings. Everyone felt the session time was very useful & informative in terms of their future endeavors.

The session ended up with chat box where the speakers answered the questions asked by the students from various departments.