Pre-Placement Training Program for ICAT Students

Pre-placement training program for the VFX, Visual Media, Multimedia and Animation students of ICAT Design & Medai College, Chennai happened on 31st of January conducted by BOTVFX. The session offered guidance and support throughout the work process from start to finish of VFX production pipeline.

Mr Manoj the technical trainer for the Visual effects team and Ms Priyanka the HR by evaluating potentially strong points of employment, teaching the students of VFX, Multimedia and 3D animation, how to look for employment, and supporting them once they have secured a job. Ms. Priyanka shared few informative tips about the interview attitude and behavioral skills, as in what the digital post production companies would expect from a fresher stepping into the industry for the first time; transformation from a student to an employee. Adding on to the HR tips, Mr. Manoj discussed about the technical skills in developing the shore, and the process initiated in the training period. All of discussion are geared towards building self-confidence, creating opportunities for personal growth, and fostering independence.

They gave a brief introduction on BOTVFX and their evolution into the VFX industry. They also shared a video about the company’s social culture and training programs that are happening throughout the year, which also included the free internship training program. The whole presentation was in a creative video format. The guests graciously clarified all the doubts of the fresher students and made the session very interactive.