Product Photography” Workshop from Industry Professionals

ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai organized a 5 day “Product Photography” workshop from 27 October – 31 October, 2015, for the students of UG Photography. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Ganesh & Mr. Jagadhish from Black Pearl Photography studios. The goal of the workshop was to give the students a clear insight of Product Photography, from styling to lighting to gear.

On the first day, the students were drawn to fundamental skills in lighting and modifiers, and the right equipments for specific products. The students were given a detailed analysis of how big or small an equipment is, how reflective each one is and how effective they are for the viewers. The guest also shared about meeting client needs.

During the second day of the workshop, Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Jagadhish taught how to light glass products, fundamentals of camera exposures and to create mood boards for different types of products. During the day, the students were also left to try out with varied lighting positions and products based upon their moodboards. Students even studied how to use the strobe light to one’s advantage and how to combine flash lights with long exposure for dramatic results.

On the third day, the students were allowed to experiment with challenging products like jewelry and energy drink and Vodka bottles, for which the students were to use special effects to bring the elite look.

Along the fourth day, the guests shared their experience on how to deal with e-commerce product shoot and the business behind it. The students were allowed to form teams and shoot their products keeping e-commerce as their final context.

The overall photographs made by the students during the four days were reviewed and corrective measures were advised by the guest. In continuation of this workshop, students will be made to experiment with more products for their portfolio.

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