Professional Review of Students’ Showreel

Mr. Rohit Kesav, Senior FX Artist at Phantom FX, visited ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai to review the Final year Projects of the VFX Students. Rohit Kesav has completed his BFA in College of Arts and has done his Advanced Diploma in 3D & Visual Effects in Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics. He joined as a 3D Generalist and moved to be an FX Artist at Phantom FX, which works across films, commercials, and VFX and animation movies.

Mr. Rohit keenly went through our students’ project works and showreels and liked them. He insisted that students should create passion towards the work they do and need to show full commitment to create appreciative works. He encouraged the students by saying that there are numerous opportunities in the VFX and animation fields, and every student should have higher goals to achieve great heights. He advised the students to do a lot of practice not only in the classroom but at home too. Every student who brings the step-by-step showreel in the VFX process is sure to grab best opportunities in a good company, as the industry expects the right kind of delivery at the right time.

Student's Feedback:

"It was a very useful session. I gained knowledge about how the VFX production industry works and the quality of output they expect from a candidate."Mr. Hariharan

“Mr. Rohit’s session gave me an idea about the VFX industry and how to grow in the field. I also got the knowledge on the process and functionality of the VFX Industry.”Mr. Shariq Anwar

“Through the session, I got to understand the industry standards and the quality of work the industry expects. The tips that Mr. Rohit gave to improve our projects were very useful.”Mr. Vivek

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