Unity 3D workshop from Rocksalt Games followed by an Industrial Visit - Hyderabad

To our pleasure, a team from Rocksalt Games pooled in at ICAT, Hyderabad on March 1st and 2nd. The team, including Mr. NeerajKumar(Game Programmer), Zainuddin Fahad (Founder of RockSalt Games), and Aubhik Nath(Creative Lead) conducted a workshop for our students on the various nuances of the Game Development Process and insisted on the importance of Teamwork, Code of Conduct, Project Development and Management.

Students from Chennai ICAT and Hyderabad ICAT were part of this event. 25 students have participated in this industrial visit and attended the workshop including both the campus. Followed by the workshop, our students visited their studio to meet the other crew members/departments to understand their work process.

During the Workshop and the Industrial Visit, our students understood the:

  • Importance of a team and being open minded in a team
  • Importance of self discipline and work ethics
  • Importance of sharing, helping, and being proactive in a team
  • Project development pipeline –Developing Prototype, Development, Testing and Addressing Target Audience Feedback
  • Nuances of creating a polished product
  • Preproduction , production and post production tasks in the development of games
  • Importance of code optimization, co–routines, single tone classes, and event management
  • Game development related Websites for further learning

During the session, the students explored on interactive games and met various Industrial professionals to discuss about real-time game development. They clarified their doubts from the industry professionals. Also, some of the game reviews were screened and the complete Game development pipeline was explained. Finally, the students had the opportunity to create their own game, which helped them understand the current trend involved in Game Technology.

Student's Feedback:

Visit to Rocksalt Interactive was an amazing experience. The visit was a motivation to the youngsters; it’s a glimpse of hardware turning to success. We acquired the knowledge about team coordination, working of the process pipeline and achieving a polished product. The team from Rocksalt interactive shared their experience they have acquired till date. They also motivated us to create our own ideal game company. The Workshop by Rocksalt Interactive also helped us get an idea on the current scenario of the Indian Gaming Industry and understand how small teams can make good games. Overall, the workshop was very good and looking forward for more such classes on Game Engine.

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