Seminar on Character Design @ ICAT, Chennai

The Department of Multimedia arranged a seminar on character design held at the ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai campus on 5th October 2018. Mr. Dhinakaran Sivalingam, Animator & Film Maker from the industry was invited as a guest and presenter for the same. The session started by him, with the explanation of how to learn the skill of seeing things through art instead learning simpler to develop drawing as a skill.

The guest has shared the information about how different animators and artists working style and methods to get inspirations to start-off any artwork. He had explained about his own character creations which were created for a short film. To make the session more interesting, he had drawn few character design sketches using basic geometric shapes to the final character creation. The wonderful work experience of him for the movie “KAALA” was also being shared with students. The entire process of how he was in the part of directing the animation sequence in the movie was explained by him. He had made the students understand how character design nowadays plays a major role in industries like film and animation also shared its Storyboard, Animatics, Digital Animated Sequence.

Finally, the seminar was concluded with Q&A with him by our students. In the end, he had looked through a few of the students' sketches, gave good critics and lots of practical ideas to improvise it better.