Seminar on Faculty Development Program @ ICAT, Bangalore

Seminar was conducted for Staff at ICAT Design &Media College Bangalore on 5/10/2019. The speaker of the day was D. N V R Nathan, CEO SIMS Healthcare: Setting up of Centre of Excellence-Multi Skill Development Centre. The topic of the seminar was Orientation to research programs, Paper presentation and publication of articles and importance of Research Activities for faculty teaching at Colleges.

Following were the main points covered:

  • Importance of Research/Publications for Faculty.
  • Research methodology.
  • Research paper writing and publication.
  • Do’s and Don’ts related to research/publication of articles.
  • Importance of attending National and international conferences/seminars.
  • Paper presentations at such seminars/conferences.
  • Methodology, Significance of output, how the research also benefits to students.

Mr. D. N V R Nathan shared his experience in the field of research & process on how to evaluate a dissertation document while being a guide. He has shared his paper presentation on “Fashion women Empowerment through Garment Technology” with the faculties which could be used as a guide line for Paper presentation and Paper Publications.

Finally, Session concluded with Q&A. Eventually, Mr. D. N V R Nathan encouraged our faculties to work on Research, Paper Presentation and Paper publication, its importance. It made the day delightful and also catechizes our thoughts to work more on our related research papers.