Students’ Showcase of Life-Size Games, Chennai

The students of L4 Interactive Media at ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai, showcased their life-size games in three different primary schools in Chennai, on 19, 20 and 23 December, 2014. The games were designed by the students as part of their ‘Professional Context Technology & Communication Methods’ module.

The ICAT students first enthusiastically explained their game play, game rules, winning and losing conditions, number of players, chances, obstacles, coins and the power ups to the school students. Guided the school students to play the games. The school students enjoyed the games as they involved IQ improving skills. The school students celebrated when they won each chance. They also tried the games again and again, even after losing a chance, to enjoy the fun factor involved in the game.

Every school student participated, got the chance to play all the games showcased at their venue. The students who won the game got special prizes like notebooks, pencil box, crayons, sketch pens etc. Every student got the participation prizes and finally chocolates were distributed to all the students.

Each and everyone gathered in the event never stopped smiling because the atmosphere was filled by the young students and their mischievous activities. The joy that the school students expressed made our ICAT students to forget that they should wind up the show. The ICAT students were happy to receive positive and encouraging feedback from the participants. The feedbacks would help our students upgrade the games to the next level.

As a part of this showcase, lunch was provided to all the students at “Thakkur Bapa Residential Primary School”. It was arranged by ICAT Game Development students and faculty members.

The students were very happy to have got such an opportunity to interact with live audience and get valuable feedback. They also felt proud to have designed such enjoyable games and felt confident about creating more challenging works.

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