ICAT student Won Square Enix - Game Development Contest 2012

Square Enix is the game development contest, started during April 2012, with the idea of bringing out the best games from India to the world. The SQUARE ENIX Group boasts a valuable portfolio of intellectual property including: FINAL FANTASY, DRAGON QUEST, TOMB RAIDER, HITMAN, DEUS EX and the legendary SPACE INVADERS.

ICAT, Chennai Game students Rohit Sarkar, Abhas Dhulekar, Ganesh Jeyamoorthy & Richard Navin Raj S.D (Team name: "Lazzy Brains" Project name: "What a day") have won the "Excellence Award" with cash prize of Rs.3,00,000 in Square Enix Game Development Contest 2012.

What A Day!! is an adventure cum survival game that will take you through a nice fishing experience but, not the usual way. Muttu - the main character of the game is a cute little fisher-worm who has to catch fish for its master, the fisherman. So it’s your job to guide Muttu through the adverse course of the pond, attract fish and make them follow you to the hook. But you must keep Muttu safe from those hungry predators underwater that are ready to gobble him up any moment.