Street Photography - Workshop

A two-day workshop on the most varied and interesting form of photography, ‘Street Photography’ was conducted on 30 and 31 March, 2016, for the students of UG Photography. The workshop was handled by Mr. Arun Titan, who after completing his graduation in Visual Communication & Fine Arts, produced various best-in-class street photos around India. His photographs were selected for the 8th Angkor Photo Workshop conducted at SIEM RECP, Cambodia.

The workshop gave the students a wonderful opportunity to extend their skills and crown their portfolio with their best works. The workshop not just educated students on street photography, but helped them improve their photographic and storytelling skills. Mr. Arun explained how to choose a location, how to employ the light available, how to plan shots, and how to interact with people to take better photographs. Mr. Arun also discussed on decisive moments and technical aspects of camera and gears.

Later, the students were taken to Marina beach for street walk and to capture decisive moments under a given theme. In the photos taken during the beach walk, the students could witness the way their photos depicted emotions. While all the photos from the students were outstanding, a photo of a horse rider by Ajmal and a photo of a candy seller by Deepak grabbed huge appreciations from Mr.Arun. He was emphasizing on the anticipating moments and the use of colors in the photos. The workshop ended up with the reviews from Arun Titan on all the students' photos captured during the beach walk.

Student's Feedback:

"Mr. Arun Titan had a great knowledge on Street, Documentary & Commercial Photography. The knowledge he gave us was very different. We thought photographs that we take need to be sharp, perfectly focused, etc; but that view changed after this workshop. He gave us knowledge on how to analyze a photograph, how to feel a photograph, how to add our own style to a photograph and how to add a story.

What I expected was that he will teach us to make a good photograph that has good lighting, good exposure, and great sharpness. But the information he gave was about adding a life’s story to a photograph. My complete view about Street Photography and Documentary changed in this workshop.

Though, now we have got some knowledge on Street & Documentary Photography, I am sure it’s not complete as Mr.Arun’s words have opened more avenues to be discovered. We are looking forward to discover more through future workshops and many other opportunities." Sujith.C.A,1st Year UG Photography

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