Student Research Papers

Students best learn through exploration and experimentation. ICAT strongly believes in this, especially when it comes to instilling creativity as a practice, and understanding techniques and technologies in real time. Acknowledging this, ICAT provides its students the opportunity to implement their learning and further explore the real-time challenges. This opportunity comes with every important module of learning and is of high importance as it is what the students are assessed with.



  • Deconstructivism in Exhibiting Emotions

    As I set to explore Art movements, my attention was grabbed to the technique of Deconstructivism, which had vast applications. May be it all started with architecture, in which I was able...

  • Portfolio on Product Photography

    My interest towards recording the beauty and unique features of wildlife made me kick start the research works with eminent wild life photographers and techniques. But, as the season...

Visual Effects

  • Live Action cum Animated Puppy Story

    As I started to pitch in for a movie, my all-time crave to create a love story sprung up and made me draft a story as well. But I could not impress my faculties with the story. Then, I joined hands...