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  • "I am Monika, I’m a first year student of UG Animation department. I loved doing art from a very young age and it has been one of my hobbies until I joined here at ICAT. I have always wanted to make art as my main stream education and wanted to explore more in this subject and choosing this college was a really good start for it.The art of making animation and the thought of sharing a part of my creative-self, made me feel so excited. Also that I can make new acquaintances with similar interests made me so happy. Even though we can’t have offline classes for now, I’m really looking forward to it in the near future to have the full experience. I also want to meet all my faculties and thank them for all the support they have given us till now even through these trying times. "

    Monika, Animation
  • "I have grown so much in my time at ICAT Design and Media College, and the staff were so helpful throughout. The college has contributed so much for the students during the crisis of COVID-19 and the staff helped us with the studies through online classes. The college has inspired me to think differently. I am beyond blessed to have the college experience that I had and I'd like to thank you for everything. A teacher is a guide for the future of the students and they showed me the path of success and walked with me along the way. The staff motivated and inspired me to do my best and the classes were always clear as a sunny day. This is a quick note to thank all the staff who helped me for the studies for the past 2 years. Thank you so much!!"

    Bhuvaneshvaran, Game Programming
  • "I’m very glad to study at ICAT Design and Media College, and the staff are so helpful and friendly. The other staff and the co-students are also friendly. The college environment is also good. The college helped me a lot in improving myself in the way of thinking and being interactive with others.The staff in this college are so helpful and friendly. Even in this COVID-19 pandemic period the staff were so dedicated in teaching us through online classes. They spent their time with us to understand the class and clarify the doubts. So I’m very happy to have teachers like this. Thank you !!"

    Jovin Lourdhu Navis B
    Jovin Lourdhu Navis B, Game Programming
  • " There is so much about having a good teacher who can teach anything and make the students understands it very clearly, ICAT Design and Media college does this really really well .The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals .The skills that I have gained through ICAT so far helps me build my career the way I wanted .My overall experience with ICAT Design and Media college is very positive.."

    Prasath Dillibabu
    Prasath Dillibabu, Game Programming
  • "My experience with ICAT Design and Media College has been an insightful journey. The faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape and mold every student. Learning is always a shared experience between the student as well as the teachers. The faculty gave us ample time to grow, explore and experiment by ourselves and improve with our own efforts as well. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities.."

    Dravid KP
    Dravid KP, Game Programming
  • "I am P Balaji, from the Game Programming Department, ICAT-Chennai. I choose ICAT Design and Media College, because it is the best college in the Gaming Department. The Teachers are really friendly and very supportive. The Classes are really interactive and practical. Some of my Favourite Staffs are Ranjeet sir, Anto Pravin sir, Kalathmika mam, Dhamodharan sir, Jeyaram sir, Sathish sir. They helped and trained me on creating my game projects, throughout these 3 years of studying. From 1st year to 3rd year, I gained knowledge about multiple Game Engines, and started to make quality games on my own. I have worked in many group projects and Game Jam with my classmates. I am currently working on my Final year Project, which is a Fantasy genre game. I am building this game using Unreal Engine. My Staff Ranjeet sir is my mentor in this Project. My Overall Experience in ICAT College was fun-filled as well as an Educative."

    P Balaji
    P Balaji, Game Programming
  • "ICAT which is the first digital and multimedia College having many opportunities for the young designers in the field created an excitement for me to join in this academic venture with this college. Seeing the experiences and the alumnus from the college and also that to showcase our ideas and artistic talents this is the best option. The faculties of the department knowledgeable and experienced created the interest and eagerness to learn it even though it’s my first time in digital designing within a month got the rhythm and experience to handle the graphic design and illustration. Thanks to ICAT"

    Amal Mukundan
    Amal Mukundan, Advertising
  • "I have chosen the ICAT Design & Media Collage because it provides the lot of exposure to the students and will help them to build a better future. This also provides a wider opportunity to the students in it to give their best as part of the curriculum. ICAT has supported me in many ways to gain good knowledge and build interest in different fields. It also showed me different paths to gain my career in a good way."

    R Srinivasa Sampan Perisepalli
    R Srinivasa Sampan Perisepalli, Advertising
  • " I am studying Game Programming Course at ICAT Design & Media College. This college has a lot of good teachers to guide to achieve your goals and the teachers are so friendly. The skills I learnt till now from ICAT Design & Media College helps me to build what I want to be in my career. My overall experience with ICAT Design & Media College is positive."

    Vijaya Roshan P R
    Vijaya Roshan P R, Game Programming
  • "I took the Game Development course ICAT was offering back in 2009. Always wanted to create games, and it didn't matter to me much whether I became a coder or a designer. But ever since my second year I fell in love with game programming, thanks to the guidance of the game dev teachers. Started with XNA and C# back then, and still using C# to this day with Unity. Even though I specialised in programming, ICAT had topics to cover all the game fundamentals, including a bit of art. Enjoyed that as well. The best part of them all, where the game prototypes that I got to make while learning. Some were solo and some were with teammates. Had three good and memorable years in college."

    Sankha Maitra
    Sankha Maitra,
  • "The prestigious ICAT Design and Media college which helped me pursue my dreams in becoming 3D Generalist, their support and their well equipped facilities helped me find my passion in being a 3D & 2D Artist. The animation faculties were always there to support me in my endeavours and to follow my passion for which I will be always grateful.The talented seniors and the dedicated faculty made sure I selected the absolute Best Degree in the Best College."

    KuttuShaji, Media Technology
  • "Myself AGNISH SHERIN SAMSON from 1st year Animation department of ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai. I decided to join this college because it provides more of a research and experimental based education. In this college it's more practical learning than theory. The faculties here are very friendly and helpful. I would like to specially thank my department faculties (LALITH SIR, MANOJ SIR, MUGILAN SIR, THULASIRAMAN SIR AND BABU SIR) for being very patient with us and helping and guiding us with the projects and studies. They have always corrected our mistakes and told us what is wrong and what is right. They have taught us the importance of our career and how self-learning has an impact on it . So far it has been a great journey in this college and really happy for joining this college and looking forward to more. "

    Agnish Sherin Samson
    Agnish Sherin Samson, Animation
  • "My name is Akshara and I’m a first year Animation Department of ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai. Coming from a science background, I have always wished to do something in the creative field, and I became increasingly interested in animation and its scope and opportunities. I enjoy art and telling stories, and here is a course that entailed both and took it to new heights. However, there were no end to animation courses popping up everywhere. So why ICAT? The main reason I wanted to go to ICAT, because I was interested in the course details and, more importantly, their approach to the course that they had detailed on their website. Further interactions with the college staff during the process of admission made me more convinced that this was where I wanted my next step to be. This is because at ICAT, the traditional way of studying by memorising facts and answers to set questions and spewing them out on an exam paper, is not practised. Instead, education and evaluation is more dependent on conceptual understanding of theories, projects based on that understanding, and a lot of self-learning and exploration of the creative world. The main objective of the teachers so far in the course, is to set down practical and logical guidelines with which we can adequately approach any and every creative project. This is especially shown in the Reflective Visual Journals (RVJs) that every student is expected to maintain, as solid proof of the process and progress of their creative thinking. I personally really admire the emphasis on the logic behind creativity, which I feel is something the general public ignore when they think of the creative field. This, to me, is where ICAT is doing it right. The classes are further proof to this as they rely on discussion and interaction. Every class has been challenging and really, really interesting. So far, due to the unfortunate circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, my experiences with ICAT have been purely online. However, despite the situation, I have a lot of respect for the faculty and staff of the college as they have been continuously and immensely helpful to every student. They are friendly (but strict when they need to be), accessible and always encouraging us to keep exploring and experimenting with the concepts they teach us. I am eagerly looking forward to both offline classes as well as the next couple of years at ICAT and what they have in store for me. "

    Akshara, Animation
  • "I am J.Yogesh, I am a first year of the animation department of ICAT Design and Media college chennai, I've always been interested in 3D and was fascinated by it,so when I decided to try it myself a year ago I totally fell in love with it ,but I still lacking knowledge in many aspects of 3D so I decided to study it properly ,and I chose to study animation and to be honest I am really happy about my decision of joining ICAT, everything from the process of joining to the class so far has been great, the teachers are all amazing at bringing out the best in every student, the classes are easy to follow and we are left with doubts as our teachers clear our doubts every single time and help us move forward. It’s been a great experience so far and I've learnt a lot more than what I expected, thanks to the teaching methods and assignments we are tasked with, I am looking forward to learning a lot more and improving my skills with ICAT in the upcoming years, thank you."

    J YOGESH, Animation
  • "Our faculties have been extremely supportive during the pandemic period. We have resumed our portfolio work. Our faculties are supportive regarding our course completion."

    Varsha, FDS
  • "In my journey of college life best thing is my faculties of ICAT, they were very supportive and interplay relationship, In ICAT more practical work is rolled that is the best way of understanding."

    Shalini, FDS
  • "This writing is to express my sincere gratitude in providing a really good both academic and friendly experience so far I have acquired from your side. You at least made me believe that I could do something that I believed I never could, yes stitching a skirt for the first time although the output wasn’t that good I could make sure that more attempts will definitely help me to do better. Thanks for all the good lessons you taught both directly and indirectly."

    S Shuana
    S Shuana, FDS
  • "The classes are going well so far and I'm very satisfied with all the facilities teaching. Faculties teach us with patience and also they are all very friendly. The classes are going well so far and I'm very satisfied with all the facilities teaching. Faculties teach us with patience and also they are all very friendly."

    Krishna Priya
    Krishna Priya , FDS
  • "The faculties are very friendly and also they help us and teach us on how to survive in the industry. They're all very helpful and they taught us so many things."

    Ashwin Venkat
    Ashwin Venkat, FDS
  • "Faculties are super friendly and help us in all our needs for the career they mould us professionally too.."

    Shreeya, FDS
  • "Faculties are friendly and teaching us everything from the basic and preparing us to explore the world with confidence."

    Kaviya, FDS
  • "The facilities are very friendly and I'm very much interested in my fashion illustration. I've developed a lot of skills from my learnings and the faculties are very patient with us. "

    Mathura Manian
    Mathura Manian, FDS
  • "Faculties are very helpful in the way of teaching and molding us to the next step in our lives. They help us out in many problems wholeheartedly and with a lot of patience. It is a very good experience to study at ICAT Design and Media college . "

    Mahima Ravichandren
    Mahima Ravichandren, FDS
  • "The facilities are very friendly and I'm very much interested in my fashion illustration. I've developed a lot of skills from my learnings and the faculties are very patient with us."

    Monika, FDS
  • "In ICAT Design & Media College teaching is good, all the faculties are teaching well. The faculties are very friendly and supportive. We understand everything in the practical classes."

    Mohana Priya
    Mohana Priya, FDS
  • "Faculties are friendly and teaching is good. We were able to gain more techniques as faculties are always ready to teach us."

    Praveen, FDS
  • "My experience at ICAT is good. Our faculties were both friendly and helpful regarding our studies. They were very supportive during the pandemic. Despite the time limit on our final project, the faculties are giving us their cent percent."

    Suchitra Sivakan
    Suchitra Sivakan, FDS
  • "Our department Faculties were very helpful during the pandemic situation with the online classes and still remain the same. Though we have very little time left for our course work to end, our facilities are trying to give us everything (knowledge) possible regarding our subjects. "

    Shriya Srinivasan
    Shriya Srinivasan , FDS
  • "I am now pursuing my 3rd year in fashion design in ICAT Design & Media college. I am grateful and lucky to be a student in ICAT because apart from my studies, my faculties and the management has supported and encouraged me in the field of makeup and hairstyling and now I am with a steady line of work. The best part of ICAT is the faculties we have . They have been our mentor from the initial day. They analyse our strengths and bring out the best in us and strengthen the weaker aspects of us. Our faculties are ready to hear our problems any time and give us proper solutions over it. I thank every faculty of my department for the great work they do for our betterness. I have to mention my faculty in charge K.pramila for guiding me both in my studies and in my passion for makeup by letting me be a part of fashion photoshoots in college and professionally outside. My faculty in charge Rajesh sir for enlightening us by teaching every nook and corner of fashion design . Faculty in charge Vishal sir with whom i have improved more in the technical side . Faculty in charge of Priya maam with all her guidance ,i have found my own style in fashion illustration and the confidence in illustrating."

    Adithya Jayakumar
    Adithya Jayakumar, FDS
  • "I am Ishwar purohit studying in 1st year Game Design and Development department. The first thing for which I chose ICAT was the course which I have chosen. The time when i decided to do this course. I started searching on google. And I found many institutes which were providing this course. But after surveying all their websites,I found that this was the only college which provides a degree for this course and as we all know that during this pandemic many talented and hardworking employees lost their job so it’s better to be one step ahead. And the second thing to which I was attracted was the placement record which I found on ICAT’s website and that was so good and even many passed out students got their dream job. So I finally decided to join ICAT for my journey in Game Design and Development. And my decision was absolutely good. Hopefully In-campus class starts soon so we can interact more with our teachers."

    Ishwar Purohit
    SIshwar Purohit, GDD
  • "Hello, My Name is K.Janaprasanth. I am currently studying Game Design and Development in ICAT Chennai. I did my schooling in Karaikal, One of Pudhucherry's union territories. The whole world went Lockdown right after I finished my Final Hsc public exam. So I had lots of time to think about my future. I have been playing video games since my childhood which made me to think of having a job in the gaming industry. So I have done a lot of research and found vast options in the gaming industry. after lots of research, I chose to design and develop video games and searched for guidelines about that particular job. That research ended up on a media college named ICAT. I contacted some alumni of ICAT randomly through social media who kindly accepted my request to answer questions about the college. Since it had lot of positive answers I chose to join ICAT's Game Design and Development in chennai with my parent's support. After joining I really learned a lot and had fun while learning it. I did not go to the class in person because of the epidemic but the teachers were so friendly and supportive which made us converse without hesitation. The online classes weren't what I expected but still they managed to teach us with good spirit."

    Janaprasanth K, GDD
  • "Hello everyone! I am Srivishnu Srinivasan, a student in the Game Design and Development Course in ICAT Chennai. So, I’ve been a gamer my whole life, and playing so many games gave me a keen interest in finding out how these masterpieces were made. So, upon a lot of browsing and research, I found out that the process involved in making these games was so interesting. It caught my attention to such an extent that I wanted to pursue this as my career. So, on 11th Standard, I fixed this particular field of Game Design and Development as my life goal and I started searching for colleges. I found a lot of colleges to be honest but none of them seemed as fit as ICAT Chennai. I live in Chennai and I want to stay with my family so I don’t want to move out of the state just to get into another college and I love my family so I have to stay with them. This college was actually recommended to me by my friend who actually passed out of the college recently and I was interested in finding out more about this. So, I searched for ICAT on Google and I saw a lot of Positive Reviews which acted as motivation for me to join this college. So, 2020 has been a rough year for all of us and now we are in 2021 and that did not give an end to the pandemic and due to this pandemic and the lockdown, everything was digitized, everything became online, even our classes became online. But this didn’t stop ICAT from providing us with quality education. We have online classes almost every day except the weekends. And to be honest, I thought since this is gonna be programming and designing, etc the classes will be boring, but no, it’s actually not. The teachers are all a bundle of fun. It’s really interesting to listen to the way they talk. They have a perfect balance between fun and education. And the teachers are not actually like our teachers. I can’t even say that they are our family. They’re like our best friends. They communicate with us so freely and that’s what I love about this college. They created a perfect first impression. And this is why I love ICAT Chennai and I am sure that the years to come, the two more years to come, will be filled with Joy and Fun. So thank you ICAT. "

    Srivishnu Srinivasan
    Srivishnu Srinivasan, GDD
  • "Hi.. I am Ragul Prasad G. I am studying 2nd year Bsc Game Design and Development. It's been a year as a student in ICAT Design and Media college, It is an awesome journey all these days. The college atmosphere is calm and awesome. The faculties are more friendly and enthusiastic the way if teaching is practical and interesting. The college boosts the confidence of the students and encourages them often. It's sad to know that I lost valuable months on campus. I hope that I will kick start my learning again in a more efficient way soon"

    Ragul Prasad G
    Ragul Prasad G, GDD
  • "Hi, my name is Daniel and I am currently doing B.Sc Game Design and development here in ICAT Chennai. My journey in ICAT has been good so far, I learned a lot of things in art and the development side. We started learning to make board games and went on to make 2D and 3D games. I have done some projects for the college modules and for my personal portfolio as well. Faculties have also been good so far, One standout teacher was Sathish sir he helped me a lot and taught me a lot of things on the development side. And that’s my journey so far in ICAT."

    Daniel, GDD
  • "My name is Adithyan and I’m a first year student of UID Department, ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai. I am from Thrissur, Kerala. My Higher Secondary in S.N Trust Natika. I studied Biology science. I always wished to do wall paintings and drawings. I love design, Paintings and Art. My hobbies are drawing, painting and watching Hollywood series. The main reason I wanted to go to ICAT is because I was interested in the course. I feel it will be a great and wonderful opportunity to me. So I took UID. I always get good classes by the teachers. They are very helpful and friendly. I really like the classes. For our current situation we are in online classes. So I miss the offline Classes. In ICAT I really feel a different way of learning. Interactions with the college staff during the process of admission made me good Convinced and also the student service. I studied many new things from the classes. It is really helpful to me to improve my potential. I really hope our offline classes will start soon. I am very much excited about it. I am thankful to everyone for a good experience and wonderful classes provided to me."

    Adithyan CV
    Adithyan CV, UID
  • " My name is Bavaswetha from Vellore district. I’m a first year student of UID department of ICAT Design and Media college, Chennai. I’m interested in art and design. I have completed my studies in Dayananda Vidyalaya Matric higher secondary school, kurusilapattu . Coming from a science background , I have always wished to do something uniquely and more creatively . My strengths are that I’m a quick learner, hard worker and I always do the things in an organized manner, having a strong sense of responsibility. My weaknesses are that I’m sometimes shy to express my feelings to someone and I can easily believe in people. My hobbies are listening to music, reading books, doing something creatively and interacting with people. My short term goal is to be placed in a reputed company . It is an upcoming design specialization which is gathering a lot of interest with respect to the ever-changing world. For the upcoming generation, UI plays a vital role in the companies. So I decided to join in this course. Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic my experience with ICAT has been purely online. However , despite the situation, I have a lot of respect for the faculty and staff of the college. They are friendly and always encouraging us to keep working and self motivating. I’m eagerly waiting to attend offline classes. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to introduce myself and my feelings towards college. Thanking you"

    Bavaswetha MS
    Bavaswetha MS, UID
  • "My name is Subashree AG, and I'm from Chennai. I have completed my higher studies in St. Josephs, vettuvankeni. Now I'm currently studying User Interface design and development(UID) at ICAT design and media college. My brother has suggested this course to me, then I’m with my own interest had a research about the course in the internet, there I get to known about the ICAT and it is the only college in Chennai providing the UID course as a three-year degree whereas in other institutes they are having it as 6- or 12-months course for UG and PG students. The way of approaching the students was really good at this college, and the faculties are really friendly and they are always available for us in any needs. Finally I’m really very happy to be a part of ICAT. THANK YOU!!!"

    Subashree AG
    Subashree AG, UID
  • "Hello all First let me introduce myself . I am Vignesh and I am from the UID department , I’m living currently in Chennai. I am so pleased to be with you on this video. Basically I already know some basic programs and design techniques which I studied in separate courses and I love to do programs. My family also gave full support for me to take this course. College and staff Really I did not experience this much good supporting classes and staff. They are very friendly and supportive after the class too. and I'm eagerly waiting to meet my college mates and staff. "

    Vignesh, UID
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