Theater Art Workshop

Dr Mohammad Altaf, Founder and President of Center for Arts, Media and Social Welfare, a Theater Art Practitioner, Actor, has conducted workshop on 'Theater in Education'. It was an wonderful Workshop engaging mind and body. The shells of inhibition broken down through the course of workshop

Student comment on the Workshop:

Theater in Acting class have really rejuvenated our minds, especially a deep sense of gratitude to our Guru who came to ICAT , Dr. Altaf Mohammed who really helped us develop our personality. From the way he taught us we can understand that physical activeness of the body is much needed to shape out the spirihial mind set in other sense to sharpen the skills. Some of them being Alert, Active, sharp and concentration help as to achieve our goal in many ways.

Thinking randomly helps improve the stay telling and developing skills. The process of encouraging us to do skills by giving topics followed by correcting each and every group on that particular details really helped us understand what acting in compasses, the amount of concentration and dedication it takes. Finally thanks to the Academic head and faculty for arranging this wonderful workshop.

The workshop also helped us overcome the fear of speaking in front of people, opening our hearts to speak about our truth with courage, among others. How to share our feelings and ideas and mingle with others in society, this workshop also helped us bring out the skill of speech or how to speak. The art of selling products in the market, how should one speak to the consumers, hit the right areas and pitch out for the product. ANIL KUMAR . T (UG II YEAR )

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