Bachelor's Degree

Fashion Design

Build your gleaming career in Fashion by practicing original design thinking through sheer knowledge on contemporary practices, trends, and technology.

Course Overview

Join the Trend-Setting Design Program

The Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design at ICAT is a full-time program that takes students beyond designing the best. Every aspect of this program insists innovation in all stages of fashion creation.

The students are taken through every facet of this dynamic field from sourcing raw materials, illustrating original designs, patternmaking, and clothing construction to transforming designs into finished garments and other fashion products. Beyond creating cutting-edge works, the students are familiarized with every key process involved in taking their product to the market. This opens up plentiful opportunities in the Fashion world.

Why Fashion Design?

Fashion Industry Today & Tomorrow in India

With Indian companies launching their own fashion labels and many international brands witnessing a matured sales growth in India, the country is growing rapidly in the field to soon be the leading hub of fashion. Our people’s look out for international trends and the all-time increase in the purchasing power and brand awareness have already made the Indian Fashion Retail sector as one of the largest sectors in the economy.

Like the other fashion capitals of the world, India also has season-wise fashion shows that have tremendously contributed to the knowledge and exposure of fashion to the masses. All these factors and many others had contributed to a huge demand for fashion professionals in India. Now, it’s the right time to harness the career advantages that the industry offers.

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Student’s Works


The Learning Curve

Learning Fashion Design at ICAT happens through different modes: classroom, laboratories, studios, inspiring outdoor locations, real-time at industries, interactive sessions with professionals, hands-on projects, and on the ramp during events. Every mode of learning is spread out through the three years of the program.

Year I - Where Cultures, Histories, Methodologies and Passion Meet

To be a trendsetter and beyond, we believe that students need to understand cultures and the history of trends — and, that’s where the program starts. Students get their hands on the most important skill to express oneself: Fashion Illustration. The illustrations are created with thorough knowledge on design study and color theory, including the grid story. The students get their hands on basic draping, dart manipulation, pattern making, and garment construction. They also get their digital introduction through fashion oriented software programs.

Year II – From Fashion Building to Branding, Marketing and Visual Merchandising

Practicing various textile techniques and surface ornamentation techniques become an exciting part of the year. Advanced fabric manipulation studies and fashion illustration help students turn out as a unique professional in the Fashion industry. While every other program concentrates only on Fashion building, we give an all-round knowledge on Branding, Tech-pack, Mass Marketing, and much more that are crucial in Fashion Retail industry; and about the marketing gliche like Magazine Promotions, Visual Merchandising, Television Ads, and Digital Marketing. This makes the students able to become an entrepreneur.

Year III – Articulate Yourself as a Fashion Professional

The first bloom as a Fashion professional starts here when the students are allowed to make informed decisions about the materiality, patterns, techniques, technology, and future-focused solutions. Dissertation forms a crucial aspect of the program where the students generate their first-hand thesis and prepare prototypes of all design solutions addressing the research outcome and market survey. It’s also the time to create their Portfolio that reflects their best skills. The students are sent on an internship where they get their real-time knowledge of how the Fashion industry works to date.

Skills to Build

Skills that Make You a Fashion Professional

  • Illustration
  • Fabric Manipulation
  • Fashion Building Techniques
  • Fashion Research & Analytical Skills
  • Predictive Skills
  • Mass Marketing
  • Fashion Software
  • Global Fashion Trends
  • Understanding Global & Retail Market
  • Brand Building & Management

Teaching Methodology

Learning beyond the Walls

The fashion faculty at ICAT focuses on delivering the best for the students in the utmost positive stride possible. This is achieved through different teaching methodologies like classroom presentations, group discussions, workshops, and seminars from industry experts, industry visits, fashion events, real-time practice, and more. With a perfect blend of different teaching methodologies, the course ensures that the students gradually build their design thinking skills, open to share their ideas, confident to experiment their learning, and self-assured to present their work amongst peers and professionals.

Mentoring from Industry Professionals

Time-to-time interactions with industry professionals come as a fresh prospect to the students. Such interactions can be one-on-one or in a group, depending on the topic handled. The interactions are the best way for the students to gain career insight, understand how the industry works, what it expects from professionals, and what all one shall do in their career.

Our Mentors from the Industry

  • Ms. Laksha - Fashion Designer, Advance Pattern Making
  • Mr. Sipi Sakkaravarthi - Textile Designer, Screen printing, Dying
  • Mr. Ben Philip - Fashion Illustrator
  • Ms. Lekha Rajeev - Fashion Consultant, Career Adviser
  • Ms. Aruna - Fashion Designer, Professional Knitwear Designer
  • Ms. Usha Nandhini - Designer, Ambattur Clothing Pvt. Ltd

Knowledge Transfer of Expertise

There are seminars and workshops conducted by industry professionals for better understanding of the concepts and early hands on the techniques. The professionals pitching inside the campus for such learning cum interactive sessions bring in an all-round knowledge of industry-standard techniques and technology.

Professional Knowledge Fulcrum

  • Mr. G Venket Raman - Celebrity Fashion Photographer
  • Mr. Vivek Karunakaran - Fashion Designer, VIIA
  • Mrs. Prajanya Anand - Fashion Choreographer, Studio Prajanyaa
  • Mr. Sipi Sakkaravarthi - Textile Designer, Screen Printing, Dying
  • Ms. Laksha Chordia - Fashion Designer, L&M
  • Mr. Kevin - Photography Lecturer, ICAT Design & Media College
  • Mr. Mehul Dangi - Fashion Designer,
  • Ms. Aruna - Professional Knitwear Designer
  • Ms. Usha Nandhini - Fashion Designer, Ambattur Clothing Pvt. Ltd
  • Ms. Lekha Rajeev - Fashion Consultant, Career Advisor
  • Mr. Ben Philip - Fashion Illustrator
  • Mr. Mukund - Kaveri Clothing
  • Mrs. Tina Vincent - Fashion Choreographer
  • Mr. Dakesh - Fashion Choreographer
  • Ms. Natasha - Fashion Choreographer
  • Ms. Saffi Berry - Fashion Choreographer
  • Mr. Karthisan - Merchandiser, Ganapathi Fabrics
  • Mr. Suresh Karthi - Head Merchandier, S.B. Apparels
  • Mr. Manoj Karthik - Creative Head, Ganapathi Fabrics
  • Mr. Bhaskar - Dhanalakshmi Textiles
  • Mr. Vikram - Creative Head, Green Textile Process

Draw Your Inspiration from Around

Our stupendous historical works, and the beauty, bliss, joy and power reflected from the nature sets the spark of creativity in everyone to a blazing fire. At ICAT, we always ensure that the students set on this fire from time to time, from nature-filled spots and ancient works of wonder.

Cross Department Knowledge Building

Collaborative sessions from faculties of other departments that are in a way related to Fashion are very useful for the students to expand their wings over every small aspect of becoming an eminent Fashion professional. This comes as a great advantage at ICAT, as the college houses various related streams.

Explore the Fabrics to Experiment With

Getting to know the available fabrics and the trending ones is a key in ideation for a fashion professional. In this regard, ICAT always takes the students on tours around the country to numerous wholesale or retail firms that forms as the home ground for fabric sourcing. The students also get to visit few mills and related expos.

Watch Out the Techniques in Real Time

What gives a better learning on the techniques than watching it live? It’s a routine at ICAT to have students visit different related industries, like weaving centres, bags manufacturing units, export factories, printing units, dyeing units etc.

Work with Professionals

Experience of working alongside the top fashion consultants and experts, and interacting with customers in the real life environment is both challenging and a good learning experience for the students. Such an experience comes to our students by attending roadshows from renowned brands.

Building Confidence on the Ramp

The dream of every fashion professional would lie on the ramp where their designs take a shape and talk to the world. At ICAT, students get multiple opportunities to have their designs walk the ramp in front of professionals, to gain the confidence as they groom as a professional.

Industry Collaborations :

  • Ms. Laksha - Head Fashion Designer at Laksha & You Brand
  • Mr. Sipi Sakkaravarthi - Textile Designer, Screen Printing, Dying
  • Mr. Ben Philip – Freelance Fashion Illustrator & Guest Lecturer
  • Ms. Lekha Rajeev - Fashion Consultant, Career Advisor
  • Ms. Aruna - Professional Knitwear Designer/Freelancer
  • Ms. Usha Nandhini - Fashion Designer at Ambattur Clothing Private Limited
  • Mr. Mehul Dangi - Head Designer at
  • Mr. Manoj Karthik - Creative Head, Ganapathi Fabrics

Assessment Technique

Be Assessed on Your Skills

At ICAT, the learning outcome of each module is assessed through periodical Formative Assessments, Assignments, Research Works, and through the originality, innovation, and product of the final Project. Also, continuous monitoring of each student is done throughout the year through peer assessments and internal/external reviews.

Student Awards

At ICAT, we encourage students to participate in various national and international competitions, which help them to rise and shine as they pursue their creative skills and build their team spirit. In this regard, our Fashion students get to participate in fashion contest and fashion shows from time to time.

Our Bachelor's Degree Fashion student has won the First Price at XQUISITE Fashion Show, a part of the National Techno Management Cultural Festival, XPLORE ’19.

Practical Learning Facilities

Learn by Doing – Right from the Basics

Experimenting an idea is a dire need to grow as a creator. Students here get their hands on industry-standard equipments right from the day they start their learning journey.

Make Your Own Fabric

The freedom to explore thoughts comes from the confidence in doing different things by themselves. As a best start, students are provided the opportunity to practice the process of weaving by using traditional machines to create weaves and fabrics.

Create Your Patterns and Prints

The spacious and equipped Pattern Making Labs and Screen Printing Studios lets the students brings their ideas on the fabric.

Sew Your Way

The par-industry, semi-automatic industrial juki machines — single needle and single needle lockstitch — give the students their first sewing experience. This experience opens them to different design possibilities.

Students are also provided with Overlock machines that help in creating perfect finished seem easily and quickly, and advanced Iron and Steam Machines that helps creating the neat output.

The Knowledge Repository

Right from history of fashion to fashion marketing, the students have access to all fashion related information through 100s of books and magazines. This will help them research beyond the class lectures and gain immense knowledge of the industry and current trends.

Common to All Departments

In addition to the specific facilities for each department, the campuses of ICAT College are loaded with spacious classrooms, common library with essential readings, locker facilities for students, air-conditioned halls, personal tutoring space, common working zone, students’ lounge, and so on.

Career Opportunities

Get Placed as a...

ICAT’s exclusive Placement Cell holds esteem relationship with renowned companies and ensures the placement of all students in suitable positions. With the pride of holding a 100% placement record every year, the Placement Cell continues to look out for promising opportunities in the industry. Unlike other colleges, ICAT’s Placement Cell continues to offer its guidance/services to a student even after his/her first placement.

A graduate of Bachelor's Degree Fashion Design shall take up a career role of:

  • Style Director
  • Fashion Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Accessory Designer
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Graphic Designer
  • Lecturer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Stylist / Personal Stylist
  • Costume Designer
  • Production Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Pattern Maker
  • Fashion Blogger
  • Merchandiser

Further, the students may take up their suitable role in the companies (just a small list) given below.

S.No Company Name Place
1 Adidas Originals Chennai
2 OTTO Shirts Chennai
3 Derby Pvt Ltd Chennai
4 TN Premier League Chennai
5 Kaveri Boutique Chennai
6 Paul & Shark Chennai
7 Ambattur Clothing Factory Chennai
8 Poetry & Grammar Chennai
9 Sidney Sladen Chennai
10 Anu Varthan Chennai

Why Choose ICAT to Study the Fashion Design Course?

Only at ICAT

  • This purely creative Fashion program comes with 100% placement, world-class curriculum and a degree certified by an eminent university.
  • The highly-equipped labs, frequent sessions from industry professionals and showcase events give the best learning experience.
  • The students are given early industry and market exposure through fabric sourcing trips around the country and also through visits to roadshows and production units.
  • Above these, the opportunity to work on Dissertations, create Portfolio and take up Internship with renowned companies gives the sheer confidence and a cutting edge as a fashion professional.

"At ICAT Design & Media College, I see my designing skills and creativity improving day by day. The best thing about ICAT is that it gives more of practical knowledge. In the Professional Practice module in our Final year, I worked for brands like Veromoda, M&S, and many other. It was a great experience working as a Designer for such brands, while still at college. Now I am brave enough to step into fashion industry after my graduation. I personally believe that ICAT is the best place to achieve all your dreams."

"I Feel Confident Enough to Face the Fashion Industry"

Pooja Jain G (III Year)

Knowledge Brigade

Learn from the Professionals’ Perspective

The curriculum and teaching strategies at ICAT is never an instant thought. They are all an outcome of research and brainstorming of ideas from renowned professionals in the field. The knowledge brigade that guides us through the curriculum delivery of Bachelor's Degree Fashion Design includes:

Name Designation
Mr. G Venket Raman Celebrity Fashion Photographer
Mr. Vivek Karunakaran Fashion Designer, VIIA
Mrs. Prajanya Anand Fashion Choreographer, Studio Prajanyaa
Mr. Sipi Sakkaravarthi Textile Designer, Screen printing, Dying
Ms. Laksha Chordia Fashion Designer, L&M
Mr. Kevin Photography Lecturer, ICAT Design & Media College
Mr. Mehul Dangi Fashion Designer,
Ms. Aruna Professional Knitwear Designer
Ms. Usha Nandhini Fashion Designer, Ambattur Clothing Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. Lekha Rajeev Fashion Consultant, Career Adviser.
Mr. Ben Philip Fashion Illustrator
Mr. Mukund Kaveri Clothing
Mrs. Rehana Basheer Fashion Designer
Mrs. Swathi Purshothamman (Studio 149) Fashion Designer
Mr. Ravi Singhee (Magnum Clothing) Fashion Designer
Mrs. Anu Varthan Fashion Designer
Mrs. Shanthi Sun Network
Mrs. Chandini Khanna (Katha) Fashion Designer
Mrs. Urmilla Agarwal Fashion Designer
Mr. Hamza (The Belomoda) Fashion Designer
Mrs. Sangeetha (Saroyce Ventures) Fashion Designer
Mrs. Kaveri (Kaveri Clothing)
Ms. Momitha (City on Styles)
Mr. Manoj Karthik Creative Head, Ganapathi Fabrics
Mr. Bhaskar Dhanalakshmi Textiles
Mr. Karthisan Merchandiser, Ganapathi Fabrics
Mr. Suresh Karthi Head Merchandier, S.B. Apparels
Mr. Vikram Creative Head, Green Textile Process

Student Service

Get in Touch for All Your Needs

Each student is allocated a Personal Mentor to guide through the personal development process, and a Supervisor to support in project and dissertation.

A Students Service Desk is managed at each location with a Student Advisor providing advice to students on all any matters in need, personal or college related. The desk organizes club activities and acts as a point of contact for parents/Guardians.

Campus Location

Study at Any of Our 3 State-of-the-Art Campuses

The ICAT campuses are located at the Shores of Bay of Bengal (Chennai), Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore), and the City of Pearls (Hyderabad). The strategically located campuses expose the students to eminent landmarks/events of the metropolitan cities, which is very important for the Creators of Tomorrow to understand the trending world.


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