Bachelor's Degree

Graphic Design

Learn to build futuristic visual design solutions with finest art skills, creative thinking, industry-standard digital technology, and right use of form and function.

Course Overview

Get Into the Most Far-Flung Design Stream

The Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design at ICAT is a full-time program that gives a highly comprehensive knowledge on how art and design should be blend to form visual solutions.

The students are taught the use of right visual elements in the most creative and balanced way to rightly convey any message, be it a fact, idea, concept or on a product/service. Beyond providing the visual communication and problem solving skills, the students are familiarized with numerous mediums, print and digital, in which they can apply their skills and groom as an all-round graphic design professional. This opens up opportunities for students in every key sector, from advertising, games, and movies to e-learning corporate and publishing firms.

Why Graphic Design?

The Perennial Design Industry in India

Graphic Designers are the ones stirring up every business, education, and entertainment by precisely communicating with consumers. As a career, Graphic Designing can never stop giving you opportunities until there are brands, products, and services. As the need for marketing, advertising, digitizing education, and entertaining products grow, the demand for skilled Graphic Designers also grow.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, Graphic Design is one of the highest paid jobs worldwide, because of the high demand. In India, opportunities for an average of 10,000 new Graphic Designers are available per annum. Also, Indian Graphic Designers have numerous opportunities in the US, UK, Middle East countries, Singapore, Germany, and many more. So undoubtedly, Graphic Designing is the best promising career for the passionate minds.

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Student’s Works


The Learning Curve

At ICAT, instilling the knowledge and skills of Graphic Designing happens through classroom sessions, laboratory practices, studio works, sessions from professionals, industry visits, showcase events, internship in reputed companies, and par real-time project works.

Year I - Realize the Blend of Art and Design

Throwing lights on art and design in the early civilization and how it transformed through art movements and innovative practices helps students understand how innovation was inculcated from time to time. With a vision on innovative practices, the students start exploring the drawing and design methodologies. They get to conceptualize and create a ‘Point of Purchase’ prototype by using visualization skills and through a thorough design study, including the elements and principles of design, and color theories. The students also get to explore the communication methods through illustration, photography, motion graphics, typography, and printing with legendary practitioners.

Year II – Specialize Your Passion

An extended knowledge on communication styles and methods give students the confidence to experiment with their own ideas. The students are guided to create layout designs and design assets, and given the required technical understanding in the chosen area of specialization. Emphasis is placed on developing critical understanding and awareness on the interrelationship and overarching concepts, debates and creative practices pertaining to different domains of media. The students are also provided the opportunity to engage in a self-managed project to demonstrate the ability to integrate the various elements of the course.

Year III – Create Experiences and Evolutionary Designs

Preparing students to work as a professional without external guidance starts with a dissertation that involves a research project in their area of interest. The students further go through every step of real-time design creation, right from pre-production. They get the opportunity to work collaboratively in a Design Development team and to further develop their conceptual, critical thinking, problem-solving, design, development, and evaluation skills in addressing a real world problem through a communicative design. They get to prepare their portfolio of their best works, which will be the gateway to their dream job.

Skills to Build

Skills to Seek as Graphic Design Professional

  • Illustration
  • Art History
  • Visualization
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Visual Design
  • Adobe Creative Suit
  • HTML & CSS
  • UI/UX Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Online Publishing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography

Teaching Methodology

Learning beyond the Walls

With highly trained and ambitious staff who is proficient with the subject, the learning at ICAT is fun, motivating, uninhibited, and far-sighted. The student-teacher ratio of 15:2 ensures perfect guidance to streamline ideas in the right way, which is the key to be a creator. In addition, the students get to enhance their vision towards the industry through regular seminars, workshops, and other sessions from eminent industry professionals who hold a notable position in reputed organizations.

Earn Inspiration from Professional Works

Being in the important cities of South India, ICAT students get the opportunity to visit various art galleries, design fests, professional seminars, art workshops, etc where they get to come across distinguished art works. This helps them in building the habit of art appreciation and develops the instinct to produce better designs using visual arts.

Discover the Techniques and Concepts, the Expert Way

Going an extra mile in knowledge seeking happens every now then at ICAT through seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions from professionals in the field. These sessions give the students an understanding of different related roles and the underlying responsibilities. They also get an insight of the process line, and hands on the skills and techniques.

Get Early Real-Time Experience

While students learn visual compositions of digital and print design, we ensure that they work parallel with real clients from concept to delivery by means of internship in leading design studios and advertising agencies, such as Lintas, O&M, JWT, and much renowned local and global organizations.

Seek Cross-Department Knowledge

A creative professional shall widen his thoughts when he has a wide knowledge on everything related. In this regard, we have knowledge transfer sessions from the faculties of related departments, for the students to understand all related techniques and concepts. This comes as a great advantage at ICAT, as the college houses various related streams.

Build Your Verbal Communication Skills

Though visual communication is the key for a Graphic Design Professional, today’s world insists on good verbal communication to perceive client ideas and interact better with them. So, ICAT conducts language classes during the initial year to develop self confidence to achieve great heights in the career.

Grow on Professional Feedbacks

The strength one gets in others’ words, that too when you hear on your work from a professional is definitely the biggest motivation to drive. At ICAT, the students get multiple opportunities to showcase their works to professionals and peers.

Assessment Technique

Be Assessed on Your Skills

At ICAT, the learning outcome of each module is assessed through periodical Formative Assessments, Assignments, Research Works, and through the originality, innovation and product of the final Project. Also, continuous monitoring of each student is done throughout the year through peer assessments and internal/external reviews.

Student Awards

At ICAT, we encourage students to participate in various national and international competitions, which help them to rise and shine as they pursue their creative skills and build their team spirit.

Practical Learning Facilities

Learn by Doing – Right from the Basics

Experimenting an idea is a dire need to grow as a creator. Students here get their hands on industry-standard equipments right from the day they start their learning journey.

Put Down Your Thoughts in the Digital Space

Design lab with high-configured machines loaded with all necessary industry-standard software and tools is open to students for experimenting their ideas in the digital space.

Explore Different Mediums

To be an all-round and inventive graphic design professional, students are guided to probe in to various mediums of art and design that will expand their zone of creative thinking.

Source Your Own Images

The well-equipped photography studio with industry-standard Digital Cameras, range of Lenses, Elinchrom Strobe Light Heads, Light Shaping Accessories, Apple iMac Computers, and everything else need for a perfect shoot enables students to source their own images.

The Knowledge Repository

From graphic design principles, techniques, methodologies, and trending design elements to history of art, the students have access to all design related information through 100s of books and magazines. This will help them research beyond the class lectures and gain immense knowledge of the industry and current trends.

Common to All Departments

In addition to the specific facilities for each department, the campuses of ICAT College are loaded with spacious classrooms, common library with essential readings, locker facilities for students, air-conditioned halls, personal tutoring space, common working zone, students’ lounge, and so on.

Career Opportunities

Get Placed as a...

ICAT’s exclusive Placement Cell holds esteem relationship with renowned companies and ensures the placement of all students in suitable positions. With the pride of holding a 100% placement record every year, the Placement Cell continues to look out for promising opportunities in the industry. Unlike other colleges, ICAT’s Placement Cell continues to offer its guidance/services to a student even after his/her first placement.

A graduate of Bachelor's Degree Graphic Design shall take up a career role of:

  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Visual Designer
  • Publication Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Visualizer
  • Package Designer
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Animator

As the industry offers numerous opportunities, depending on one’s creative abilities, skills and competency, one can become a Principal Designer, Creative Director, Founder of a Design Studio, Art Director or a Lead Designer in 10 to 15 years of starting the career.

Further, the students may take up their suitable role in the companies (just a small list) given below.

S.No Company Name Place
1 Myntra Bangalore
2 Curejoy Bangalore
3 JWT Bangalore
4 McKinsey & Company Bangalore
5 VectorZilla Bangalore
6 22 Feet Tribal WW Bangalore
7 Maersk Bangalore
8 NovoNordisk Bangalore
9 Social Orange Bangalore
10 UNACADEMY Bangalore

Why Choose ICAT to Study the Graphic Design Course?

Only at ICAT

  • This practice-oriented Graphic Design program comes with 100% placement, world-class curriculum and a degree certified by an eminent university.
  • The highly equipped labs, frequent sessions from industry professionals, and showcase events give the best learning experience.
  • The job-focused skill training offered at ICAT helps students to stand apart among peers and soon move up the career ladder.
  • Above these, the opportunity to work on Dissertations, create Portfolio, and take up Internship with renowned companies gives the sheer confidence and a cutting edge as a graphic design professional..

I’m from Thalassery, a city in North Kerala. I completed my degree in Graphic Design from ICAT Design and Media College. ICAT has been my platform to start my career. I got to learn so much about visual communication and principles of design. The faculties showed me the right track to start the journey of exploring my creativity. Now I am a very successful designer and feel amazed about my life.


Knowledge Brigade

Learn from the Professionals’ Perspective

The curriculum and teaching strategies at ICAT is never an instant thought. They are all an outcome of research and brainstorming of ideas from renowned professionals in the field. The knowledge brigade that guides us through the curriculum delivery of Bachelor's Degree Graphic Design includes:

  • Vinay Sanekar - Former HOD, JJ School of Arts
  • Varun Gandhi - Art Director
  • Parnita G - Artist and Illustrator
  • Arun Desai – Award-Winning Origami Specialist
  • Murlidhran. D - Freelance Cartoonist

Student Service

Get in Touch for All Your Needs

Each student is allocated a Personal Mentor to guide through the personal development process, and a Supervisor to support in project and dissertation.

A Students Service Desk is managed at each location with a Student Advisor providing advice to students on all any matters in need, personal or college related. The desk organizes club activities and acts as a point of contact for parents/Guardians.

Campus Location

Study at Any of Our 3 State-of-the-Art Campuses

The ICAT campuses are located at the Shores of Bay of Bengal (Chennai), Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore), and the City of Pearls (Hyderabad). The strategically located campuses expose the students to eminent landmarks/events of the metropolitan cities, which is very important for the Creators of Tomorrow to understand the trending world.


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