Bachelor's Degree

Multimedia Technology

Develop your skills in varied media technologies, including Animations, VFX, Graphic Design, Web Design and Advertising, and specialize in your area of interest.

Course Overview

Join the Program that Opens Up Vast Opportunities

The Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Technology at ICAT is a full-time program that is uniquely designed for students to explore different realms of the creative media field. With such an exclusive design, the program enables students to choose an opportunity in any related promising field.

This extensive program trains you to design and develop various print materials, Web pages, 2D animations, matte paintings, 3D models, motion graphics, world-class animation videos, and advanced visual effects. It imparts the key skills to be a successful professional, including creative skills, research and analytical skills, technical skills, management skills, leadership skills, comprehension skills, and the skills to adapt to different forms of media that change quite often.

Why Multimedia Technology?

Join the Industry for a Radiant Future

It is an undeniable fact that we are engulfed with multimedia, as everything around us has transformed to a digital way. From reading online news and watching movies, TV content and animation videos to advertising products, and paying your bills online, everything involves digital content, which is a part of multimedia.

Especially in India, with the ceaseless presence of digital currencies, with India being the second fastest growing advertising industry, with newer media like AR and VR are explored intensively, and with the rise of Animations and Videogames being accepted as mainstream art forms, Multimedia industry is undoubtedly the most promising here. As the industry houses varied opportunities in different disciplines, it is right time you get prepared to deploy the opportunities.

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Student’s Works


The Learning Curve

Stimulating the creativity in each student and guiding them to display their imaginations in the right medium happens at ICAT through the course of three years. The learning process here happens in the most linear fashion to ensure every student seek the best of the content taught.

Year I - Get Introduced to Static Designs, Animations & Advertisements

This highly-comprehensive course starts with the basics of visual designing and graphic designing where the students understand how to visually put forth a message by using symbols, images, illustration, and typography, as applied to print and digital medium. They get their hands on the industry-standard software to create the best static designs as per the design brief. They also get their overview of creating animations and advertisements, and further practice the same through real-time research works and industry-standard software.

Year II – Build and Learn to Deploy Your Skills in Varied Media

This crucial year of knowledge building helps students with a whole new way of looking at the world in preparation for a future in Animation. This is achieved through a series of training and exercises in figure drawing, cartooning, anatomy, portraiture, frame-by-frame animation, 3D creations, motion based designing, and lot more. The students get an overview of Web designing along with HTML and CSS concepts to build their own Web pages. They also get to explore the post-production techniques of video and audio editing through digital tools. Above all, they build their soft skills to seek a unique advantage in grabbing a promising career. Further, they are engaged in an extended, self-managed project to demonstrate their ability in their preferred area of specialization.

Year III – Make the World See Thorough Your Mind’s Eye

To take the students’ skills to a highly professional level, they are given intense practice in 3D concepts like Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Rendering, and Rigging animation characters. The students are guided through digital sculpting of organic models, software's procedural texturing capabilities, and advanced lighting techniques to create digitally realistic objects and scenes. They are also trained in compositing videos with attention to detail of color, perspective and character, and in creating various realistic effects by using dynamic simulation techniques. Further, the students get to prepare a portfolio of their works in their preferred area of specialization that makes them technically ready for their job placement.

Skills to Build

Skills to Seek as a Multimedia Professional

  • Suit of Adobe Tools
  • Graphic Design
  • UI / UX Design
  • HTML and CSS
  • Clay Modeling
  • Stop Motion
  • Digital Art
  • Storyboarding
  • 2D Animation
  • Advanced 3D Design Techniques
  • Advanced VFX Techniques
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Video Editing

Teaching Methodology

Learning beyond the Walls

Best design creations need sheer understanding of the technology and techniques, and the ability to see a different perspective of regular things. Such understanding and a creative eye is nurtured in the students of ICAT through various modes of learning, including classroom lectures, seminars and workshops from professionals, sessions of film analysis, peer-to-peer discussions and outdoor learning visits.

Knowledge Building with Your Peers

Class assignments and spot projects are given as group works to make the students discuss and go through a peer learning experience. Taking inputs, sharing thoughts, being a critic, and also being diverse are what this new experience gives to the students.

Practice All the Techniques

From sketching and model making to creating digital illustrations, animations, and Websites, the students get to practice all the techniques in a guided and motivating environment.

Nurture the Research and Analytical Skills

The practice of learning a concept through first-hand/second-hand research methodologies is the key of every module. This practice builds the habit of asking questions and compels the students to understand the requirements in detail before getting on to work, which is very important to build a relevant, unique work.

Get Your Spark of Creativity Outdoors

The historical places of art and design around India are the best places to get ones creativity out. Our students get to visit such places from time-to-time for interesting activities like live sketching.

Learn through Club Activities

Weekly activities of sketching, photography, and shooting moving imagery augment the learning experience of the students of Multimedia. Such limitless club activities help students in developing appreciative works for their portfolio. They also help in enhancing the academic growth.

View the Techniques Live

Frequent visits to design studios, game studios, animation/VFX production units, printing units, and more helps students watch the techniques live in real time. This gives them a clear knowledge on how things work in the industry.

Learn from the Professionals/Alumni

Seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions from professionals holding a renowned position in the industry and our own alumni who have sought a reputed position brings a whole lot of knowledge and confidence for the students towards taking up a competitive role in the industry.

Get Your Personal Piece of Work Ready

Individual projects help students decide on, discuss, and implement their ideas. This enables them to identify and take forward their specialist area of interest, and to organise their efforts in achieving the set goal.

Get the Professional Touch from Reputed Companies

The curriculum at ICAT insists students to take up an internship in any related organization to get a clear and early insight of the industry, and build confidence to take up a career.

Assessment Technique

Be Assessed on Your Skills

At ICAT, the learning outcome of each module is assessed through periodical Formative Assessments, Assignments, Research Works, and through the originality, innovation and product of the final Project. Also, continuous monitoring of each student is done throughout the year through peer assessments and internal/external reviews.

Student Awards

At ICAT, we encourage students to participate in various national and international competitions, which help them to rise and shine as they pursue their creative skills and build their team spirit. Some of distinguished awards the Multimedia Technology students have received for their outstanding works include:

  • Student team won 2nd Place in the ‘2D Animation Short Film’ category at Drishya Awards, a national level short film competition.
  • First position in the ‘Junk Art’ category at the NIFT Intercollegiate Cultural
  • First Runner Up in the Graffiti competition conducted by Dreamzone institute
  • Multiple prices under various categories in JAYAM 2017, Government organized competition
  • Won the Overall Trophy at ‘Phantasia 2017’, intercollegiate cultural conducted by Patrician College of Arts & Science

Practical Learning Facilities

Learn by Doing – Right from the Basics

All the three ICAT campuses come with world-class facilities that set the professional environment for the students to practice their specialist skills.

Bring Out the Artist

The Live Sketching room at the campus and the skilled artists as faculties set the best atmosphere for students to explore their drawing skills.

Get Access to Industry Standard Photography Studio

The Photography studio at ICAT comes with industry-standard Cameras, range of Lenses, Elinchrom Strobe Light Heads, Light Shaping Accessories, Light Tent, Light Meters, Speedlite, Manfrotto Tripods, Filters, Gray and Focus Cards, and a Changing Facility for students to practice their photography skills.

Explore the Digital Techniques at IT Labs

The system labs and student laptops loaded with all the necessary industry-standard software help the Multimedia Technology students to practice graphic designing, Web designing, animation creation, and more.

Record/Manipulate Audio/Video

The sound proof Audio Booth for audio recording and systems with editing suites give the students the perfect setup to experiment the post production techniques and more.

The Knowledge Repository

Right from history of art and design to techniques with latest technology, the students have access to all media related information through 100s of books and magazines. This helps them research beyond the class lectures and gain immense knowledge of the industry and current trends.

Common to All Departments

In addition to the specific facilities for each department, the campuses of ICAT College are loaded with spacious classrooms, common library with essential readings, locker facilities for students, air-conditioned halls, personal tutoring space, common working zone, students’ lounge, and so on.

Career Opportunities

Get Placed as a...

With an exclusive Placement Cell that holds a record of 100% placement, till date, we assure best jobs for every student who have gathered their skills and are ready to take up challenges of the industry.

As an all inclusive field and an endowed discipline, the multimedia industry is sure to shower every aspirant with a successful career. Multimedia professionals have a broad pitch to play in, which includes Advertising firms, any Design firm, Film industry, Photography, Gaming companies and more, where they can pitch in as a:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Concept Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UI / UX Designer
  • VFX Artist
  • Colorist
  • Concept Artist
  • Animator
  • Professional Photographer
  • Video/Audio Editor
  • Audio Engineer
  • Game Designer
  • Art Director
  • 3D Artist

Each student can opt for their field of expertise with confidence, as the curriculum at ICAT guides them to build a solid portfolio in their area of interest/specialization.

Why Choose ICAT to Study the Multimedia Technology Course?

Only at ICAT

  • This practical program on Multimedia Technology comes with 100% placement, world-class curriculum and a degree certified by an eminent university.
  • The highly equipped labs, frequent sessions from industry professionals, and showcase events give the best learning experience.
  • The focus the program gives towards futuristic technologies and the global knowledge that veterans in our knowledge brigade brings help students stand apart as best in the industry.
  • Above these, the opportunity to work on Dissertations, create Portfolio, and take up Internship with renowned companies gives the sheer confidence and a cutting edge as a Multimedia professional.

It gives me immense pleasure to give back something to my institute in the form of vote of thanks for helping me establish myself in the corporate world with ease. It would not have been possible without the support from the faculty of the institute, my fellow colleagues, and my parents. The high level of education and practical training imparted throughout the course helped me not only to get the best knowledge but also the best campus placement in a multinational company. I would again like to thank ICAT Design and Media College for building my career and making me a pillar that can cement itself anywhere in the industry.

P.Princy Vinolia, Image Designer, GROUPON

Alumni Success

Adarsh M Behindwoods
Arjun M Abjar, Oman
Arun Aravind Pepperz Production
Harish S MAZE Events & Exhibit Solutions
Indhumathi M Ad2Pro
James Paul J Moshi Moshi Media
Lokeshwaran V Tamil Film Industry
Manickam P Orcaso
Manoj C Time Plus Q Technologies Private Limited
Mariyappan R Time Plus Q Technologies Private Limited
Naveen B Ad2Pro Media Solutions
Poopesh P ZOHO Corp.
Raja Thiraviyam Sychro Design Pvt. Ltd.
Ramalingam S Ad2Pro Solutions
Simil Dethan S Ad2Pro Media Solutions
Siva N Ting
Sudhaakar L Netrocon Digital
Veeramani S Xentrix Studios
Vijay Vignesh V 3D Selfiy
Vimal S Prathool Designs
Vinoth S Xentrix Studios
Ajith Kumar R Take Leap
Arun Frykolm Spurgeon S 2AdPro Media solutions
Bakyalakshmi G RR Donnelley
Benny Thomas R R Nittany Creative Solutions
Bharath A DNEG
Bharath K RR Donnelley
Dasari Prashant Joel Double Negative (DNeg)
Dhilip Kumar R Symbiosys Entertainment
Franco M S DNEG
Gokul Prasanth E Grifsys Technologiesc
Guna Nithi V Vreon Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Guruprasath P HNS Technologies
Joanson A DNEG
Karthikeyan M PhantomFX
Mithunjith Joy A12core3dstudio
Mohanraj T Flinto Learning Services Pvt. Ltd.
Murugesan V DiacriTech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Neethumol Varghese Mantras
Raja K Take Leap
Saravana Kumar A J Truefix Studios
Saravana Karthick S Iclicks
Sardar Irfankhan N Image Infotainment Ltd.
Srimathiarthi R 2AdPro
Sulumon C Flash-E Event Management
Suryanarayanan T K DNEG
Vignesh VIJAY K Symbiosys Entertainment
Yuvaraj M DNEG

Knowledge Brigade

Learn from the Veterans’ Perspective

The curriculum and teaching strategies at ICAT is never an instant thought. They are all an outcome of research and brainstorming of ideas from renowned professionals in the field. The knowledge brigade that guides us through the curriculum delivery of Bachelor's Degree Animation includes:

Name Designation Company
Mr. Dhinakaran Animator & Film Maker Film Industryv
Mr. Rangaprasad CEO Untitled & Art of Light( Documentary & Street Photographer )
Mr. Sri Ganesh Film Maker Film Industry
Mr. Dinesh K Babu Cinematographer Film Industry
Mr. Santhosh Narayanan Graphic Designer Freelance
Mr. Sharath Kumar HE Graphic Designer Pixel Design Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Abhinandhan Graphic Designer Pixel Design Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Akash Graphic Designer Amazon
Mr. Srikanth 2D VFX Supervisor BOT VFX
Mr. Biswajit Roy Fine Artist 29th National Exhibition Contemporary Art Award Winning Artist
Mr. Madhavan Palanisamy Photographer Freelance
Mr. Ram Pradeep Script Writer & Doctoring Specialist Film Industry
Mr. Muralidharan Founder Chennai Weekend Artist
Mr. Ganesh Visual Designer Amazon
Ms. Harshini Visual Designer Freshworks

Student Service

Get in Touch for All Your Needs

Each student is allocated a Personal Mentor to guide through the personal development process, and a Supervisor to support in project and dissertation.

A Students Service Desk is managed at each location with a Student Advisor providing advice to students on all any matters in need, personal or college related. The desk organizes club activities and acts as a point of contact for parents/Guardians.

Campus Location

Study at Any of Our 3 State-of-the-Art Campuses

The ICAT campuses are located at the Shores of Bay of Bengal (Chennai), Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore), and the City of Pearls (Hyderabad). The strategically located campuses expose the students to eminent landmarks/events of the metropolitan cities, which is very important for the Creators of Tomorrow to understand the trending world.


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