Bachelor's Degree

UI Design and Development

Explore the dynamic world of UI Design in different applications and what it takes to create a great user experience.

Course Overview

Make Digital Applications User Friendly

The Bachelor's Degree in UI Design and Development at ICAT is a full-time program that provides the key skills pertaining to interface designing for varied digital applications. The students are trained to design best usability that drives the products towards successful reach among global audience.

The program offers all the knowledge on basic design elements, database management, OOPS programming, Web page designing, authoring, UI development for mobile apps, Artificial Intelligence, GUI, UX fundamentals like user-centric design approach, and more to provide an all-round knowledge in UI Designing. The skills the program offers enables students to take up highly important roles in Web / Mobile App Development companies, Graphic Design companies, and UX Design organizations.

Why UI Design and Development?

Take Up the Most In-Demand and Highly Paid Job

The highly demanding world today has turned towards products that are very simple and easy to use. Be it any digital product like Websites, games, and apps, there is a huge response for the ones that are user-friendly. This has led companies that invested in great design like Apple, Facebook, and Square to outperform the S&P 500 by 228%. This has instilled a realization within every business owner on the importance of UI and UX design, and thus had increased the demand multi-fold for skilled UI and UX professionals.

Also, UX Design Career is ranked the number 1 in terms of in-demand design career, with a job growth up to 30%. There are over 150,000 open UI/UX design jobs in varied industries, including smart device development, app development, gaming, Web development, graphic design, and UX design industries. This proves that it’s the right time to deploy the opportunities in the field.

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Student’s Works


The Learning Curve

Getting to a highly rewarding role that will be the key for the success of a product definitely needs finest skills. At ICAT, such finest skills as per the current industry requirements and futuristic needs are instilled through the three years of learning in a linear and effective way.

Year I - Figure Out the Basics of UI Design and Development

Nuances of art and design, the design principles, idea generation, visualization techniques, conceptualization, and basic design creation give the best start to the program. The students are introduced to user experience problem solving techniques, various programming concepts, and basics of Web development. They get to learn about effectively identifying, gathering, analyzing, and managing data resources. They gain the skills and understanding in recognizing the technical requirements of an application, in deconstructing the same, and in designing applications that will perform the desired functionality. They also learn the Web design and development tools that help in easily developing Websites and applications.

Year II – Design Best User Engagement for Web and Mobile

With the proficiency to build basic Web designs, the students get to learn and practice Web scripting to develop responsive Web sites and server-side applications. Students will explore different UI design principles, design tools, different layout designing processes, and wireframing and prototyping tools that help them to design effective interfaces. They get their overview of UX design principles and elements that enable them to design applications with best user engagement. The year further provides knowledge on different mobile platforms, mobile specific features, and related tools and programming language to design mobile applications.

Year III – Become the In-Demand Professional

Preparing to meet the challenges of the industry, the students are guided to develop applications that incorporate any of the emerging technologies, like XR, AI, and IoT. The year houses an exclusive module on Interaction Design that gives the students an extensive knowledge on Human-Computer interaction. The students get to learn the professional quality assessment methods to test and analyze an application. With an all-round knowledge, they get their hands on prototyping and extend their skills by building usable products that deliver better solutions. Finally, they get the opportunity to work in a professional environment for an external client to build their team work, problem-solving, leadership, negotiation, and evaluation skills.

Skills to Build

Skills to Seek as a UI Design and Development Professional

  • UI Design: Visual Aesthetics and Conceptualization
  • Art Tools: Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator
  • User Analysis: User Research, User Profiling, Persona
  • UX Design - Design Thinking, User Centered Design, Human Computer Interaction, Usability Engineering, Testing
  • Wireframing Tools: Balsamiq
  • Prototyping Tools: Adobe Experience Design, Figma
  • Scripting/Programming Languages: HTML, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap, Angular, PHP, MySQL
  • Application Development Tools: Visual Studio, Wamp, Node JS, Github

Teaching Methodology

Learning beyond the Walls

The students of ICAT get immersed in the creative culture of the college through the practice-oriented, self-research, and analytical learning methods followed in the campus. The classroom sessions along with seminars, workshops, outdoor learning sessions, showcasing events and more help the students in their professional practice.

Research to Pursue Knowledge

Detailed and creative study of a subject happens through the systematic way of analysis and reporting of any topic related to the module. This way of learning through exploration assures long-term retention of knowledge in students.

Probe the Techniques through Project Works

Project Based Learning (PBL), an enthusiastic, exciting and effective learning style that engages students in building their skills and knowledge in par with the current industry trends, provides the confidence in students to take up jobs.

Brainstorm with Peers

Sharing ideas with like-minded people set the spark in you to a fire. We encourage our students to involve in group discussions with peers, in a guided environment that helps students learn to give a concrete shape to their ideas.

Trigger Your Creativity Outdoors

Witnessing best creative works, of ancient times or recent ones from professionals, act as a true inspiration to our students

Know What Your Audience Feel

Applause from the audience and ‘what do we expect’ information from professionals come to our students on their works through various carnivals and showcase events arranged from time-to-time.

Know the Industry Process

Frequent visits to design studios and related companies give a clear understanding of the way the industry works, and blurs the line between the theories learnt and the practices in real time

Get the Expertise from Professionals

Seminars and workshops conducted by professionals holding a reputed role in the industry build competitive understanding of concepts and the professional way of doing a task.

The students are also taken to professional conferences, art galleries, and similar events as they are an important channel for exchange of information between researchers.

Understand the Industry in Real Time

The curriculum at ICAT insists students to take up an internship in any related organization to get a clear and early insight of the industry, and build confidence to take up a career.

Assessment Technique

Be Assessed on Your Skills

At ICAT, the learning outcome of each module is assessed through periodical Formative Assessments, Assignments, Research Works, and through the originality, innovation and product of the final Project. Also, continuous monitoring of each student is done throughout the year through peer assessments and internal/external reviews.

Student Awards

At ICAT, we encourage students to participate in various national and international competitions to understand where they stand among their peers. We have a long success story of cracking various hackathon events consistently, where the students got to realize the expectation of the industry. Further, we also incorporate subjects that have competitions as the primary assignment.

Practical Learning Facilities

Learn by Doing – Right from the Basics

The thorough research-oriented learning accomplished with extensive practice and expert guidance prepares the students for the industry challenges. This at ICAT happens with industry-standard facilities at the ICAT campuses.

Know How Your Ideas Look with Industry-Standard Machines

The IT labs and student laptops loaded with all the necessary industry-standard software and tools open the digital world for the students to experiment their ideas.

Practice the Art

As design students, the students of UI Design and Development have access to Art and Design Studios to seek first-hand experience on design.

The Knowledge Repository

Right from history of design to latest in trend in UI designing, the students have access to all UI design and development related information through 100s of books and magazines. This helps them research beyond the class lectures and gain immense knowledge of the industry and current trends.

Common to All Departments

In addition to the specific facilities for each department, the campuses of ICAT College are loaded with spacious classrooms, common library with essential readings, locker facilities for students, air-conditioned halls, personal tutoring space, common working zone, students’ lounge, and so on.

Career Opportunities

Get Placed as a...

With an exclusive Placement Cell that holds a record of 100% placement, till date, we assure best jobs for every student who have gathered their skills and are ready to take up the challenges of the industry.

As a Bachelor's Degree UI Design and Development graduate, the students can identify their area of interest from the wide choices they have and strengthen themselves in the respective areas. As their alumni, they can seek opportunities with TCS, Amazon, Paypal, etc as a:

  • User Interface Designer
  • User Interface Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Usability Engineer
  • UI Tester
  • Interaction Designer
  • Information Architect
  • Front End / Back End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer

Each student can opt for their field of expertise with confidence, as the curriculum at ICAT guides them to build a solid portfolio in their area of interest/specialization.

Why Choose ICAT to Study the UI Design and Development Course?

Only at ICAT

  • This intensive hands-on training program on UI Design and Development comes with 100% placement, world-class curriculum and a degree certified by an eminent university.
  • The highly equipped labs, frequent sessions from industry professionals, and showcase events give the best learning experience.
  • The focus the program gives towards futuristic technologies and the global knowledge that veterans in our knowledge brigade brings help students stand apart as best in the industry.
  • Above these, the opportunity to work on Dissertations, create Portfolio, and take up Internship with renowned companies gives the sheer confidence and a cutting edge as a UI Design professional.

I owe a large part of whatever I have achieved to ICAT. It did a great job of equipping me with the knowledge and skills required to excel in a creative field, particularly in UI Design and Development. Over the years, I have found that the exposure I have gained through the curriculum at the college is immense. Standards and stakes of the course are really high. Creative field is pretty abstract; but ICAT makes sure that it gives you a proper channel, direction and that little push, which suits you best and drives your full potential towards a creative career.

Avinash Sivan Alumnus

Alumni Success

Avinash Sivan Sr. UX Designer, Paypal
Pranesh Ganapathi Full Stack Developer, Thoughworks
Shyam Krishnan Full Stack Developer, Cloud Pencil Technologies
Muthulakshmi UI Developer, CloudNow Technologies
Jayaprakash UI Developer, MotJuste Technologies
Sherin UI Designer, Hoolime
Silas Joe Peter UI Designer, Hashtag
Vasanth Graphic Designer, Wipro
Neeraj UI Developer, Hoolime
Senthamil UI Developer, Lennox India

Knowledge Brigade

Learn from the Veterans’ Perspective

The curriculum and teaching strategies at ICAT is never an instant thought. They are all an outcome of research and brainstorming of ideas from renowned professionals in the field. The knowledge brigade that guides us through the curriculum delivery of Bachelor's Degree UI Design and Development includes:

Name Designation Company
Rambal Founder & Creative Head Rillusion
Bhoobalan Senior UX Designer Accenture
Avinash Sivan Senior UX Designer Paypal
Shyam Kirshnan Senior UI Developer Cloud Pencils Pvt. Ltd.

Student Service

Get in Touch for All Your Needs

Each student is allocated a Personal Mentor to guide through the personal development process, and a Supervisor to support in project and dissertation.

A Students Service Desk is managed at each location with a Student Advisor providing advice to students on all any matters in need, personal or college related. The desk organizes club activities and acts as a point of contact for parents/Guardians.

Campus Location

Study at Any of Our 3 State-of-the-Art Campuses

The ICAT campuses are located at the Shores of Bay of Bengal (Chennai), Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore), and the City of Pearls (Hyderabad). The strategically located campuses expose the students to eminent landmarks/events of the metropolitan cities, which is very important for the Creators of Tomorrow to understand the trending world.


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