Workshop on Unity

ICAT, Bangalore organized Unity classes for the students to make them proficient in game design and development. The guest lecturer Rahul Raman supported this objective and encouraged the students to learn more about games. Rahul Raman has took part in several game jams and also has a rich experience of working for aviation projects using Unity. He tried to share his knowledge within 34 classes and covered the topics ranging from 'introduction', 'project structure', 'design patterns', 'multiplayer game concepts' to 'profilers'. His classes were attracted by students from Game Development and Game Design & Development,PG and MSc Game Tecnology.

Student's Feedback:

"Classes started by explaining the basics of Unity and then proceeded towards the advanced concepts. His teaching is great and I have learnt a lot. He not only taught us how to work with unity, but also how to work in a team. Basically, I have learnt Unity plus how to work in a corporate environment."

"These sessions are very helpful and fun. We learned advanced Unity concepts and important things to take into account while working as a team. The tutor was very knowledgeable and knows to teach us in an interesting way. He made the class fun as well."

Few words by the Guest Lecturer

"I realized that what the student need is practical, domain-specific knowledge from someone who is working. So that they will be learning not just about what is in the syllabus for them, but how to effectively use the tools to maximize their productivity. Students were receptive and attentive. As I was teaching students, I was also re-learned and re-enforced the concepts that I already knew, which improved my understanding of them. While teaching the students, I end up learning something new in order to explain to the students. If you are working as a solo-programmer, what will happen is, you do not try to explain yourself to anybody else, you do not think about commenting your codes, how anybody else will read this, but when you are a teacher, you learn how to work with someone and help them come to your standards or maybe help them go above your level. I believe that, everyone should at some point in their life be a teacher. Being a teacher itself has lots of merit and value."Rahul Raman

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