Workshop on ‘Unity’

A workshop on ‘Unity’ was organized by the department of Interactive Media, ICAT for the students of Masters Degree. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sashwat Mishra of Hike Messenger, on 29 April, 2017 at ICAT, Bangalore.

Mr. Mishra explained in detail the production process of multi-player games, with a real-time example. He practically taught how to create animation and game UI in Unity. He further discussed about Cloud storage for games and its importance. Students were also given an opportunity to practically explore the nuance of creating a game level by using XNA. Overall, the session was very useful in understanding the development of multiplayer games, and the tools like Unity and XNA.

The session was successful in providing valuable information and guidance to the students.

Student's Feedback:

"The session was very informative and exciting, as it helped us develop a multiplayer game in a day." Sabarish Kumar, L4 GMD

"The new subjects like Cloud and Singleton were discussed in the session, which are very useful and very much needed in the current industry."Anjo Saju, L5 GDD

"The speaker gave very useful information on industry trends and he gave new ideas on game making in Unity 3D. Thanks to Mr. Sashwat Mishra."Satyam Mishra, L6 GMD

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