Visit to a Movie Set Design

Exposure to creative art and design ideas are very vital for any Media student. They need to take up a lot of observations and inspirations on various Art and Design works. In this regard, nothing is in par with Live Observation which always provides a very good learning process to understand the usage of colors, materials and textures in an effective way.

Understanding the importance of live observation, the First and Second year Visual Media & Media Technology students of ICAT, Chennai were taken to visit the ‘Velaikaran’ (Tamil movie) movie set, which was exhibited for the public audience in January, 2018.

The movie set was amazing and left the students wonderstruck. Observing the realistic feel given by the set inspired the students towards set designing. The students keenly observed the usage of junk materials in a productive and artistic way to make a complete movie set representing a slum atmosphere. The products in the set and the natural feel it gave fed our students with creative ideas and the confidence to coin unlimited ideas. The students got a clear knowledge on how a set should be built and how it works in real time.

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