Industry Visit to Shruthika Entertainment

There are some things you can learn only through experience. Where theory is taught to lay the foundation of thoughts, practical experience is critical to implement your knowledge in the reality of life. Understanding this, ICAT always enrich the students’ knowledge through diverse learning experience, like seminars, workshops, professional practices and industrial visits.

In this regard, the UG and PG gaming students of ICAT, Hyderabad and Bangalore were taken on a surprise visit to Shruthika Entertainment - Hyderabad, an emerging gaming studio with highly talented workforce and quality games.

The skilled staff at Shruthika overwhelmed our students with everything that the students require to know about a game development process, including game technology, 2d / 3d art creation, level design, game programming and sound processing. Our students explored the whole production floor, understanding each important technique involved in game making. After an overview of the production process, the students were given an opportunity to interact with leading professionals at Shruthika, to understand the practical challenges and opportunities in the game industry. The students were also given an overview of the games developed at Shruthika. Complementing the learning experience, the students had an awesome lunch time with the staffs at Shruthika. Thanks to the management of Shruthika for this wonderful opportunity.

Students’ Feedback

Bharath Chandra - L5 Game Development - I came to know the most critical information about game development process through this visit. I am sure this will help to develop my own games in a professional manner.

Vikas Kumar - L4 Game Development - Being a Game Development student, I was unaware of the importance of art and design. Through this visit, I understand how artists and programmers coordinate to make the development process much easy and stable. Looking forward to visit more production houses and gain more real time experiences.

Sandeep - L6 Game Art and Design - This visit has cleared all my doubts regarding my duties once I finish my course. I have learned about team coordination, latest technologies, and tips and tricks from industry experts. Overall, this visit is a great experience and helped me define my career goals.

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