Voteathon Quiz - Bangalore

A Voteathon quiz competition was held at the ICAT, Bangalore campus on 15th of April, 2015. The quiz was organized by the "Volunteer for a Better India" group, which is a non–partisan, non-political, non-religious and non-sectarian Group working closely with the election commission to increase voter registration and voting awareness in the country.

Voteathon is an inter-college competition that aims at increasing the awareness and importance of voting in our civil society, especially among the youth, and thereby developing a sense of responsibility towards the country.

Many of the L4 students enthusiastically participated in the competition. There were 120 questions to be answered on Indian constitution, parliamentary procedures, voting, election process etc. The winners of the completion will be announced after the Parliamentary Elections in 2014. To make a mention here, on February’28th “Vote for a Better India” held a workshop in our college to educate the students on the importance of voting and helped them get their Voter’s ID.

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