Webinar on Healthy Mind, Healthy Body @ICAT, Bangalore

Amidst the chaotic situation the world is in due to the prevailing pandemic situation, there is a need to take some time out and focus on ourselves, our body and mind. The International Yoga day observed on 21st of June every year, presented this opportunity and ICAT Design and Media College Bangalore, celebrated the event with Dr Satish Kumar, who invented laws on the importance of self awareness and self importance.

The session began with his wise advice as to how it's important to support each other in these tough times. As a person we can just smile or show a certain positive attitude and this can make a person feel better. He also talked about how our body belongs to us and how we can Heal ourselves just by putting our mind at rest. By having just performed a simple exercise of taking in the breath and putting the mind to rest he told us the necessity of giving time to ourselves which was a very Calming experience. Inculcating self-awareness was very interesting and pleasing. He gave us the reason why it is necessary to take care of ourselves. For it is necessary to remain happy in order to make others happy. He also let us into the world of how we should at least try to be an inspiration to someone. Apart from that he also talked about how it is necessary to let go of negative emotion as it will always be stuck in the back of our subconscious mind and that emotion would then be reflected on others around us. He further emphasized that we should not ignore something that is wrong when we feel overwhelmed with emotion for someone. It is necessary for us not to dwell deep with any emotion and start every day fresh. If we are angry at someone, the next day we should forgive them and make a fresh start. In another exercise we closed our eyes and let go of everything around us to find where our mind is. This exercise was to focus our mind and know where we are. Next we proceeded with whether we want to be successful or happy. He told us how success is actually doing something that we love; we can find success in even in the simple things. We learned that recognition does not define a person's success. Happiness in doing something is feeling successful and that we are our first priority. He made us take a deep breath and repeat it with a smile and again with a dull face. This exercise helped us realize how it affects us when it comes to positivity. Universe gives us the energy it is upon us how we receive it. The next thing we tried was Kapal Bhaati in order to refresh ourselves and that made us relaxed and calm. He told us how yoga is a tool that heals without medication. Our body is capable of self healing, that is the reason why we should practice yoga. We learn what the Panch bhutas are: air, water, fire, earth and space. We practiced Kapal Bhaati again to understand how each element helps us. Receiving energy positively is what will help us when it comes to being healthy. We should enjoy whatever we drink or eat; people should be received with positivity despite all faults and negativity. The receiving of energy is our perception of taking things in the right attitude and then we don't have to work for the right way of receiving energy. We also were made familiar with the significance of the word "AUM". As this is the word that comes out of our mouth in different forms with different emotions. We were also taught that it is necessary to keep our goals in mind and cleanse every day as it will result in what we want and deserve being unexpectedly achieved. It is necessary to bring small changes in our life as it will help us get big changes in return for the long run.

The session was concluded by giving us 5 tips that we should practice every day which are as follows:

  1. Smiling,
  2. Taking deep breaths,
  3. Looking at the morning Sky with open heart,
  4. Giving warm Hugs to family and friends
  5. No judgmental observations.

The session to celebrate Yoga day was very fruitful and informative. All in all the lecture was indeed a very helpful and healthy way to start someone's day with a healthy mind and a positive outlook towards the society and the situation we live in. It also emphasized that Yoga in addition to being an exercise form for the body, it exercises our soul, mind and helps build immunity. About 100 students and staff participated and benefited.

Jestin Bobby Mathew, II year student Animation and Multimedia Department had taken the initiative to present himself as speaker MC for the event. 

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