Workshop on Art and Design @ ICAT Bangalore

Mr.Akash who is a visual Designer from the Company Amazon with more than 5 year experience , shared his thought process when designing a any kind of Design related to Graphic ,web and APP, and had participants walk through the process themselves.The Multimedia Department of ICAT Bangalore has organized a Guest Lecture Session on September 28.9.2018.

The Aim of workshop was to help student to gain an understanding of design concepts, principles, and guidelines as impact layout, type and color. This workshop given knowledge about how to apply design principles through the structure of a visual hierarchy, using both space and type, to create effective designs.

The workshop started with Layout and Composition, Typography, Color Theory, Digital/Print Publishing,Material Design (Google Calendar). The second session began with Design Thinking Process (Brainstorming session) on Topic NETFLIX. Student were divided into groups and each group has Study the Design and Concept of the NETFLIX Company and present it. The Next Session started with Emailer/Newsletter Design based in Brainstorming session.

Finally the last Session was Review Session, Mr.Akash has reviewed all the works and given inputs and corrections.He concluded the session by Career guidance and Career option.