Workshop on Fashion and Media Technology @ ICAT, Bangalore

In ICAT Design And Media college,Bangalore the ways of learning are versatile, be it for a student or a teacher. Last Month, Faculties from  Department of Fashion design attended Doodling Workshop, LBB and Fabindia together  hosted a fun colourful workshop with  Illustrator and Artist, Miss Anjali on December 19.

It happened to be a fun and relaxing session for everyone. Introduction started with simple explanation of doodling and a showcase of some of her artwork.

 Doodles are simple drawings to express some feelings / idea / concept by use of  random and abstract lines, generally without ever lifting the drawing device from the paper, in which case it is usually called a "scribble". 

The first exercise was to freehand and scribble anything what comes in mind.Second task  was to doodle related to our dreams and what  we aspire to become. Final exercise was to make our own abstract portraits by doodling ( Scribbling). 

This session made us realise how simple and easy doodling is and how we can make use of it while travelling or  sitting idle with a creative mind. And last not the least, it calms you  down and makes you feel happy.