“Fashion Photography” Workshop

Fashion and Photography students of ICAT, Bangalore were given a new insight to Fashion Photography by Mr. Uday Reddy, by introducing them to the steps of becoming a professional Fashion Photographer.

Mr. Uday Reddy, a full-time Art Director and Fashion Photographer, addressed our students in a ‘Fashion Photography’ workshop on 12, 13 and 16 May, 2016. He has been freelancing for fashion brands like Tanishq, PN Rao, F Square, Gold Plus and Diamond Jewelry. He has also carried a few concepts and catalogue shoots for clients like Shristi and Purple Pony.

The first day of the workshop was majorly interactive, where Mr. Uday ran through some of his work and demonstrated the basics of strobe lighting, conceptualizing and creative thinking. The students were introduced to the business-side of fashion photography, like how to understand a brand and product. Mr. Uday spoke about catalogues, look books and visual merchandising, and shared his significant real-time experiences on how to deal with problems on-location.

Day two was a fun-filled demonstration cum practice-oriented session, where the students were given a lot of time to play around with lighting setup and conceptualize a shoot. A lot of visual referencing was done along with detailed analysis to understand and help improving model direction and interaction. The Fashion department had their costumes out and some volunteered to model, as the Photography students took turns and worked as a team to implement the skills.

On the final day, the students got a chance to have some of their previous work reviewed by Mr. Uday. Following which, a live photo shoot was conducted with a professional Model and Makeup Artist. The Makeup Artist helped students understand makeup, styling and various nuances of professional makeup, as she was working on the model. The students then spent hours shooting under different setups, both in studio and outdoor environments. By the end of the session most of them had a photograph each to be taken to post-production, in which the students revised their photo-manipulation and retouching skills.

Overall, it was a very informative and constructive experience for the students. Thanks to Mr. Uday Reddy for sharing his time and knowledge.

Student's Feedback:

"We had our Fashion Photography workshop on the 12th, 13th and 16th of May, 2016. It was conducted by an industry professional, Uday Reddy. He has worked in the Fashion industry for the last 10 years. He taught us a lot of things including the types of lighting, lighting setups, the equipments we need in different scenarios, what to do in dire situations and how to do everything effectively. Not only that, he also gave us some very essential industry insight, which he has learnt working for a decade in the industry, like how to deal with a client for getting an assignment, how to handle a model and how to perform post-processing. We also had a professional Make-Up Artist and a Model to practically get an idea of shoot for fashion in real time. Overall, it was a very informative experience and I've definitely learned some useful content, which I am sure to apply in my further work." Ankur Deb, L4 Photography

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