Workshop on 'Light and Composition' @ ICAT, Hyderabad

The Department of Visual Media and Media Technology of ICAT Design & Media College, Hyderabad, conducted the guest lecture in the Photography on the theme “Light and Composition” for its first, second and third-year students. Golden Sheaf-2009 award-winning filmmaker, founder of Honeybee Media Works, Mr. Farhatullah Beig- has drawn the attention of the students in the session by sharing his experience in all genres of filmmaking.

The Guest Lecturer has elaborated the importance of storytelling through photography at the beginning of the session. He further emphasized the compositional aspects such as frame, light, and space. Mr. Beig has engaged the students with their own photographs and discussed how to make use the negative space into positive space and stressed on the importance of natural light and artificial light. He also explained the various composition techniques in motion picture category such as dynamic and static compositions etc.