Workshop on Miniature Modelling

A workshop on Miniature Modelling was conducted by the tutor Mr. Sanjeeb Patra [What is he?]on 06 April, /04/2018 and 09/04/ April, 2018, at in ICAT, Bangalore campus.

The objective of the workshop was to get give the L5-GDD students an in-depth knowledge of on designing, and it was aimed at exterior modelling and texturing. The workshop also touchedhandled the areas, such as 'How to study the a model', 'How to design a model', and 'How to determine the length, breadth and height of the a model’.

According to the performance of the students in the class, they were grouped into the teams consisting of 3 to 5 by the tutor . The students chose their modeland firstly they designed it in Autodesk Maya software. After understanding the model, they started to build the physical miniature model.

On the first day of the workshop, the students were trained to understand the design and creatinge the layouts. On tThe second day, the students were taught about of the workshop comprised of application of textures and colors to the models. At the end of the workshop, eight miniature models were built. The students of the class L5-GDD were the part of the workshop.

Student's Feedback:

"This was entirely a new experience to me. Designing on Maya is my comfort zone rather than modelling using thermocol. If it was clay modelling, we could have focussed more on the details. My team consisted of four students including me. I enjoyed texturing the model. We need more such workshops."Mr. Sudhindas, L5-GDD

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