Workshop On Pottery @ ICAT, Chennai

A Pottery workshop was conducted on 24th of March, 2014 for Interior Design students. The workshop was organized by Ar. Shivi Palod (Lecturer) in collaboration with Dewakar from Life & Art studio (Chennai). The workshop aimed at giving the students an opportunity to tap their creativity using Mud Clay.

The three-hour workshop included, teaching students the basic methodologies of cutting and rolling mud tiles & creating vibrant designs with the help of professional pottery tools. It also provided a hands-on-experience with the pottery wheel, giving students the feel of pottery making, which they found amusing. It was endearing to see the students swing their innovative thought process and come up with varied 3D designs on the tile and the wheel. The students were able to shape their creative energies and come up with wonderful designs with mud, which were the best of the takeaways from the workshop. The urge to join a proper Pottery class in the students reflects that the workshop was able to trigger their interest in the art and they had a good time playing with the mud clay!

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