“Product Photography” Workshop at ICAT, Bangalore

ICAT Design and Media College, Bangalore held a 3-day ‘Product Photography’ workshop on 18, 19 and 20 April, 2016. The workshop was handled by Mr. Girjesh Prakash, a Bangalore-based Photographer, who has worked with brands like Rasna, Vijaya Bank, TajTea, Maruti and TVS. He has specialized in Product Photography and has shot a wide array of products in the past 30 years. Girjesh is also a Tutor, educating the younger masses with his knowledge and experience in the field.

The 3-day workshop catered to over 25 students of Advertising, Design and Photography specializations. The first day was an interactive session, in which Girjesh escorted the students through his portfolio and details of his experience of working with different brands. Post to that, the students were open to ask queries about the practice. The students tagged along pretty well with the guest for his immaculate friendly and transparent behavior.

The second day followed with more detailed instructions and an insight to product lighting and setup, along with a demo shoot by the expert himself. The students were quite excited when they were introduced to light painting, an innovative method of photographing with long exposures. On day 3, with the guidance of the guest and department faculty, the students practiced photographing a range of products that gave them a hands-on experience to shoot with various equipments exclusive to product photography.

By the end of the workshop, the students were enthralled by the insightful topics discussed, demonstrations presented and key observations that they captivated. Each one of them got at least one finished product photograph to be compiled in their portfolio.

Student's Feedback:

"The Product Photography workshop conducted by Mr. Girjesh Prakash was an interesting experience. It was really insightful to get a look at some of his campaigns he did for his clients. I had an interesting discussion with him about his work. I questioned him as much as I could. He answered my questions very frankly. What made the whole interaction even better was how open he was. It was all very transparent. The most exciting part of the whole workshop was the concept of light painting. Not only did I learn a new technique, but also explored the endless possibilities of the same." Rhutwik Inamdar, UG Photography

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