Workshop on 'Scope of 2D Art in Game Industry'

A scintillating workshop on how 2D art is vital to the game industry was conducted by Mr.Santosh Dhamdhame, Concept Artist and 3D Arts Lead form Pixalot Labs for our students at ICAT Design and Media College, Hyderabad. Students were pleasantly surprised to understand how much 2D art is actually implemented in production. Hands-on training was also given for aspiring 2D artists, with several tips and tricks used in the production pipeline for sketching, shape, and color.

Various topics ranging from how the 2D game industry works, what exactly is the 2D art pipeline and what is expected of a 2D artist were covered. Mr. Santosh also went over how to improve the final output working with varied resolutions. Vital topics such as how to enter the video game industry as a 2D artist, the must have’s of a 2D art portfolio and what to expect from the industry were also clearly explained to students.

Lastly, a live example of the step-by-step process of creating a 2D asset from sketch to color and to the final output was shown to the students. Students also participated in the workshop with exceptional interest and curiosity.