Workshop on Transformational Reconstruction

The Department of Fashion Design, ICAT, Chennai organised a workshop on “Transformational Reconstruction from 11th to 14th November 2019. The Guest Ms. Laksha who has done an advanced course in creative pattern making with Shingo Sato.

Transformational Reconstruction is an advanced pattern technique module that is rooted in the fundamentals of flat pattern making, the tradition of Japanese origami and the soaring vision of haute couture by employing advanced dart manipulation, structural reconstruction, and increasingly elaborate design application.

Students were given an introduction and thought dart manipulation which included valley technique, chasing grain lines and inserting ruffles. They understood how to convert dart into seam line design through this exercise. This is learned to get the desired fit, incorporate cylindrical human body and for the design element. Students went on to implement this process in the fabrics purchased by them which had stripes and patterns. Individual guidance was given for the concept to be grasped well.

Ms.Laksha taught about adding volume and flares to the skirt. Students started with making a basic skirt pattern and used slash and spread method to make ribbon skirt with volume. Following which they moved on the more complicated work such as twisted layers and draping and the signature TR draping. They were shown a video of the TR draping technique. And to end the last day was spent on learning origami exploration and design on garments that students enjoyed making. Overall this was a very productive and interesting guest lecture that students thoroughly enjoyed.