Workshop on Visualisation @ ICAT, Chennai

Department of Graphic Design and Advertising, ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai organised a workshop on Visualisation on 1st November, 2018. The session was conducted by Mr. Muralidharan, cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer and education consultant with over three decades of experience. Students from all levels of the department enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the session. Mr. Murali used wit and humour to stress upon the importance of ‘being serious’ and making thumbnail sketches to explore and experiment with ideas. He shared techniques on how to side step mental blocks and becoming more creative. This helped open up students’ minds even more.

The second half of the session had students participate in a fun exercise to visualise for a given topic. Students enjoyed the ideation process. Finally, the session ended with a lively discussion on absurdity and reality in visual communication.