World Film’s Day Celebration 2014 @ ICAT, Hyderabad

The Film club at ICAT Hyderabad has initiated to celebrate World Film’s Day from this year. The main aim of the celebrations is to emphasize the power of visual language and appreciate other culture and cinematic techniques irrespective of the language.

During the celebrations this year Mr. Sriguha who is a senior editor worked for various films and visiting faculty for film schools in India and abroad. Mr. Anil Kumar who is a freelance Documentary film maker, also worked for UNESCO Projects. He is currently working for an NGO on a project called participatory video film making. They have shared information about the evolution of cinematic language and exhibitionism of moving image in the present context. On behalf of the Film club, few of our students made the presentation on early cinema and glimpses of world Famous films. The Event was very successful with lot of learning and sharing experiences. As part of the presentation they have shown some film clippings which are innovative in terms of resource and techniques.

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