Animation Students Visit Mysore Palace 2016 from ICAT

On 19 March, 2016, 20 students from ICAT Animation department visited the Mysore Palace. It was a one-day trip organized as a part of the Evolution of Art and Design module, to learn the different art styles, art forms, sculptures etc.

The students were spellbound to see the magnificent proportions and splendid beauty of the palace, its paintings and its architecture. They felt inspiring to learn the history and heritage of the palace. They got to witness our magnificent styles, culture, design, sculptures etc that they were previously learning in their theory classes. The trip gave them a clear insight on the architectural extravaganza of our ancestors and they are sure to have been inspired to create extraordinary designs.

When an ICAT Animation student shared his experience about the trip, “Though we had learnt theories in the college, this trip helped us expand our knowledge and understand our rich culture. It is really inspirational and we are looking forward to implement the knowledge acquired in the trip in the future modules.”

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