Student Testimonials

At ICAT, we encourage students to participate in various National and International Competitions. This helps our studemt to shine as they pursue their creative skills and build up their team spirit. Our alumni are our biggest asset and help perpetuate the values of the college, and wish they have a lasting bond with the college.

Alumni Success
  • Alina Jebby

    I am so happy and excited to share about the 3 gorgeous years of BA(Hons)degree. The journey has been more than beautiful! And now I miss working on my RVJ. I am glad to come across ICAT, and it all happened at the right time. I had gotten my admission in the USA for my interior designing degree, and was all set for it, then I came across the Birmingham City University degree offered at ICAT. I was a little curious initially, to know whether it would be the same as a degree abroad. I got in touch with the college, and was happy to know that its the same curriculum that they follow. And of course comparison began, and definitely it is much cheaper than studying in the USA, in fact very cheap. The journey has been amazing, researching on the module objectives and learning more about the subject was very interesting. This was what I wanted exactly! The RVJ(Research Visual Journal) helped me a lot to develop my skills. It helped me to develop my problem solving skills, presentation skills and a lot more. The jury review sessions with the UK professors, has been amazing. The friendly sessions helped a lot in moulding myself to a better interior designer. I am proud and happy to be the interior designer I am today. Yes I think different, and my BA Hons Degree in interior design at Birmingham City University has helped me to develop the thinking process and the creative me. And it doesn't end with that, in fact a ticket to your dream job abroad

    Alina Jebby, Interior Design - Bangalore

    ICAT College staff helped me out in improvising my skills.

    ANJITHA NAIR, Interior Design
  • Sajan

    ICAT is excellent. It showed the path to my world of designing.

    Sajan, Interior Design
  • Deepshika Khatod

    Stimulating, Challenging and Rewarding — three small but dynamic words that best describe the ICAT Design and Media College.

    I am so grateful to my tutors for their constant support, honest remarks, and very descriptive and informative advice that has helped me immensely throughout this course. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Interior Designing. The knowledge you gain through this course is worth every rupee you pay. I’m looking forward to using the skills and knowledge I have gained from this course in practical life.

    Deepshika Khatod, Interior Design
  • Fathima Rinza

    ICAT rightly taught me to get inspiration from everything I come across, not to replicate but to Innovate and Design!

    Contrary to other colleges that believe in studying within the classroom, ICAT motivated us to explore and believe that design does not just happen within four walls.

    Conceptual Designing, Sustainability, Material study, Space planning, Free Hand and Perspective Sketching, Selecting a Color Palette, and 2D and 3D designing done for all projects from the beginning had helped me in reaching a position where it is easier to adjust to the present day industrial requirements. Also, letting students interact with other departments helped us in understanding design from other perspectives too. Special thanks to all faculties.

    Fathima Rinza, Interior Design
  • Nikita Bengani

    ICAT, along with Birmingham City University, with its unique form of education has equipped me with the knowledge on systematic process of creative design, working with innovative concepts and dealing with what’s in hand at present. Studying at ICAT has been a fun roller-coaster ride, which I have enjoyed every bit to the core — the workshops, case studies, events, shoots, trips and everything. It was a place where I had the best Interior Design faculties, Mrs. Juhi Nagpal and Mr. Sameer Ali to guide me and wind off my fear of trying new things. They gave me a chance to express myself in the best way with their feedbacks. I would also like to mention all my friends and juniors, who were amazing and have stood beside me in this journey. Though the three years of my college life is over, I am somehow being invited by my juniors back to ICAT on festivals and events, or just when they need to discuss their projects, which is pretty awesome and something I have earned

    Nikita Bengani, Interior Design
  • Arwa Kitabi

    Studying at ICAT Design and Media College has been a phenomenal and informative experience for me. It gave me the platform to turn my passion, something that I love and enjoy doing so much, into a career.

    Interior Designing is quiet challenging and competitive; also an Interior Designer has to be very well updated and have knowledge with day-to-day changes taking place in the field. ICAT prepares one to take up all the challenges and updates with trending technologies in field.

    ICAT provides a comprehensive Interior Design course. For me, Interior Designing is more about practical knowledge and ICAT definitely aims for that. It is affiliated to Birmingham City University which is one of the main highlight of this program. The course is well structured and consists of different modules with an assignment at the end of each module. All the modules are presented with several design challenges and opportunities that made us think out of the box. During the course of study, I began to look at things differently, to study things with an educated eye.

    With constructive criticism, guidance and support from my faculty, I gained finesse and confidence. The faculty visits from BCU University helped us gain more exposure and their feedbacks helped immensely.

    Knowledge breeds confidence. Both as important as the 'nuts and bolts' of the trade are to imagine, design, create and ultimately deliver the space your clients hoped for. ICAT guides, supports and provides those tools to those wanting to expand their horizons.

    Arwa Kitabi, Interior Design
  • Nidhi Ravi

    After my 12th, I was determined to join for Interior Design. But was a bit confused as where to pursue from ? Choosing ICAT Design and Media was one of the best decisions I made in my life – a great place to grow as a Designer, giving an artistic approach to my passion. The college molded us for great heights of achievements in the industry, with enough exposure and activities. The friendly atmosphere, creative workshops, assignments, case studies had always helped me to gain much.

    Nidhi Ravi, Interior Design

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